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42-project portfolio

Advanced Global Platform for a Large Manufacturer of Industrial Lubricants

The development of an extensive sales analytics platform with a variety of modules aimed at facilitating the work of distributors and maximizing their performance.

Advanced mobile menopause management app for women in midlife

Smart asset management platform for optimizing IT asset management in the companies big and small. It lets businesses monitor and manage all IT assets across company facilities, schedule equipment replacements, and automate routine tasks

A native iPad app for musicians that allows streaming and recording live shows featuring AR objects.

Emerline developed iOS and Android apps to help their customers reach a broader audience of clients, while complementing its web solution with mobile alternatives.

A customized dog training and walking plan in an app that helps you keep it well-behaved, fit, and happy

A culture benefits platform delivering an immersive employer experience, contributing to better recognition of HR work, and improving the overall company’s image.

A desk-booking tool and inter-corporate solution for storing and managing employee data in one place. It allows companies with 1000+ employees to take full advantage of the hybrid work model and is friendly in use to both employees and HR managers.

Development of a web solution to connect pet owners with vets for the provision of remote diagnosis and care.

The cloud-based web platform supports all contract creation and management processes necessary for both sides to collaboratively work together.

A healthcare system for doctors that consists of a web app, mobile app, and custom EMR system with a user-friendly online editor for documents

Web and mobile solution for streamlining professional services — it’s an online marketplace that provides clients real-time access to experts.

Applicant tracking system to provide HR departments and management with a unified candidate database and automated electronic workflow

An iOS solution to scan files in a few clicks, edit them if needed, and provide their convenient digital storage with a tag-based search

Emerline took part in the development of a mobile healthcare app that helps people who are prone to migraine minimize the possibility of its attack by taking preventive measures suggested by the app.

The development of a web solution and mobile applications for iOS and Android that allow users to design various products with custom prints and then order the delivery directly within the app.

Web solution for workforce compliance, licensing, and certification to reduce compliance risks, improve program efficiency, and boost workforce productivity.

A stress-relieving mobile app for iOS with Augmented Reality features and 3D Builder

OTA Data Management for the Convenience of Ownership Experience

Time-saving mobile solution to let buyers forget about exhausting shopping nightmares and make an easy choice from a large array of options

Emerline’s team was responsible for the creation and support of the client’s admin panel, client-side programming of the main client’s solution, and the development of a crawler that gathers information from different sources for its further analysis.

White Label E-commerce Portal for Producers of Digital Goods

The development of a legal system that allows the customer to provide end-to-end legal document services, featuring all the important integrations for communication, payment, dynamic document generation, etc.

iOS application that allows wine collectors to conveniently and efficiently keep an eye over their bottles.

A mobile social media app to connect dog persons based on their preferences

Mobile application for landlords and tenants to handle rental deals.

Hybrid mobile app that connects delivery guys and their clients.

Emerline empowered a Fragrance and Home Decor Company with a cutting-edge worldwide E-commerce platform, streamlining distribution, promotions, and marketing through advanced analytics and brand-focused sub-systems.

Emerline crafted an engaging marketplace spotlighting NFT package sales with a user-friendly design.

Сreation of a scalable E-commerce platform with a custom-made affiliate marketing system for boosted sales and improved client retention rates.

Emerline assisted a global jewelry and accessories company with the seamless migration to a modern Magento Enterprise platform.

Emerline contributed to the modernization of an American household goods distributor's direct sales model through an Adobe Commerce platform upgrade.

Optimization of the emerline.com site to improve its organic search position.

Advanced AI-powered iOS Application Integrated with Innovative Health Tech Software Platform

Emerline has developed an innovative AI-powered chatbot document search service tailored for B2B customers, designed to significantly enhance document management and retrieval processes in a business environment.

Emerline streamlined operations for a fragrance and decor manufacturer, integrating their legacy ERP system with Magento and other subsystems, resulting in significant cost reductions and enhanced management processes.

Our AI and Data Science professionals developed tailored machine learning models contributing to the improvement of sales forecasting and store layout optimization for major retail leaders in the United States.

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23 Reviews on Clutch