Social Media and Streaming Platform for Musicians

A native iPad app for musicians that allows streaming and recording live shows featuring AR objects.



Streaming platform provider

Target audience

Musicians, performers


Demand for a streaming platform with a monetization option and capable of streaming and recording live shows with AR overlay.


Social media and streaming platform for iPad devices with a live view mode, AR overlays, “claps” monetization system, and ability to save video streams locally.


Emerline was contacted by a startup with the idea of developing a social media and streaming platform for musicians. The client wanted the product to be capable of streaming and recording live shows with AR overlays. And this was the very first challenge that we had to address.

As the previous tries the client took to ensure that live view mode with AR objects could work smoothly and the shows could be recorded without the loss of AR didn’t provide the desired outcomes, our specialists were challenged to verify that the client’s idea has the potential to be turned to reality. And we did brightly with that task!

Project Description

The app works as follows:

The artist opens it on iPad and starts the stream, whether with or without AR mode. Fans can connect to the stream via a mobile device and use monetized 'claps' to get to the top of 'clappers' and talk to the artist in real-time right after the performance.

Development Approach

The team involved in the project development from our side comprised iOS developers who were responsible for the creation of the app for artists and helped the client’s team with the app for fans. Prototyping and proof of concept were also on our side.

Currently, the client plans to continue the cooperation in terms of support services with the required updates.

Key Features

  • Live view mode
  • AR mode with virtual objects
  • Ability to save video streams locally
  • Monetized 'claps'


Just within a few months, we provided the client with a smoothly functioning solution that fits all the requirements. Our team solved the client’s pain associated with using AR for streaming and allowed live view mode with virtual objects.

Meanwhile, the same type of applications featuring AR can be used for learning, repair, medical and other purposes. For example, healthcare businesses can take advantage of a video streaming solution featuring AR to provide immersive training sessions for professionals.

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