Mobile Dating App for Dog Persons

A mobile social media app to connect dog persons based on their preferences



Social media startup

Target Audience

Dog persons


There’s the idea of creating a social media network for dog persons behind the mobile application.


The Android-based app helps dog persons find friends with similar interests based on their geolocation and preferences. Its users can create a personal profile and define the criteria for searching for relevant people.


The main goal was to create a social network for dog persons. The app was built to connect dog people based on what’s most important to them. Users can find and arrange to meet with friends having similar interests related to dogs.

Core Technologies

  • Clean architecture
  • Android libraries, including ViewModel, LiveData, and Data Binding Library
  • Firebase data storage
  • Analytics tools
  • Google and Facebook authentication

Our Contribution

Thanks to Emerline’s contribution, the client released the Android version on time with no bugs.

Mobile development

Emerline’s team was responsible for creating an Android application based on the client’s design. The team also developed customized Android controls to implement the client’s custom design.


To ensure the high quality of the app before its release, Emerline’s QA engineers conducted regular tests for each iteration of the app development.

Key Features

User profile creation

Users can add personal information about them and their dogs, including their name, age, users’ and their pets’ photos.

Uploading photos to a user profile

Users can also extend their app profile with personal photos and dogs’ apps.

Getting daily profile matches

Once users get matched, they receive notifications about each match.

Matching based on geo-location and personal preferences

The app suggests user profiles based on the geographical location and preferences so that users can match and start chatting.

Chatting with users when they match

After users get matched, they can initiate a conversation to start communicating in real-time.


The solution allows users to connect with other dog persons while assessing the profiles for potential matches. Once they’re matched, they can chat with that dog person for arranging a date. Serving as a social media network for dog persons, it enables dog persons to create a community of people with similar interests.

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