Hello Ralphie — White-Label Vet Telemedicine Solution

Development of a web solution to connect pet owners with vets for the provision of remote diagnosis and care.



Vet telemedicine provider

Target audience

Pet owners, other vet telemedicine providers


With the COVID-19 outbreak and isolation measures taken worldwide, it was essential to provide pet owners with a solution that would allow them to take care of their pet’s health without visiting vet clinics in person. It was also required to enable third-party vet care providers to take advantage of the application to make more vet services available online.


A white-label web solution featuring everything needed for the provision of remote care for pets, including online chats, video conferencing, integrated payments, and an appointment system.


Emerline was contacted by a company that provided telemedicine services in the vet sector and was tasked to create a web solution that would allow pet owners to connect with vet specialists during the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The client already had an iOS solution but wanted to improve it and, on its basis, built a white-label one.

Product Development

In the course of the project, our team provided the client with the following range of services:

  • Consulting services on technologies to choose for product development and integrations to establish.
  • Creation of white-label pages that would allow our client to resell its solution to third-party vet service providers.
  • Integrations establishment and transition from previously used systems that were inefficient for the client to those that make a perfect fit. These were transitions from Stripe to Square and from Twilio to Agora.
  • The enhancement of the existing client's system included bug fixes and the development of new functionality tailored to our client's needs.

Key Features of Hello Ralphie Platform

  • Client and vet apps
  • White-label pages
  • Online chats
  • Video conferencing
  • Payments
  • Appointment system
  • Calendar

Technology Stack















Google Analytics


Result and Business Benefits

Our expertise in the development of telemedicine solutions, understanding of what technology will suit the product requirements most, and the considerations of necessary integrations have resulted in the development of an advanced telemedicine solution — Hello Ralphie. With the solution created by Emerline, our client can not just offer distant care and treatment services but also is capable of reselling the white-label solution to other providers.

*Felicity Johnson. Founder, Hello Ralphie: *

"We can confidently say that Emerline fully met our expectations, starting with providing high-quality advice on technologies that would improve our solution and continuing with their fast, high-quality implementation. Emerline has strong communication processes in place that kept us apprised of the project's stage and allowed us to discuss any issues on the go. The team was professional and promptly made adjustments when asked. We recommend Emerline as a trusted technology partner for developing telemedicine solutions and would choose to work with Emerline again regarding new projects."

Customer review

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23 Reviews on Clutch

23 Reviews on Clutch

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