Over-the-Air Data Management

OTA Data Management for the Convenience of Ownership Experience




Target Audience

Car Owners


Lack of innovation and competitive advantages in offerings


Mobile App that offers a set of remote-control features for car owners, as well as ensures easy finding of the car.


To meet the increased demand for systems that make vehicles smarter and allow OEMs to stand out from their competitors with extra offerings, Emerline was challenged to plan the development of an OTA mobile app that would allow:

  • Remote control of the climate system, so the user can get inside the car when the temperature is already comfortable for a pleasant and safe drive
  • Establishment of remote control of the car’s external lighting system and the horn for the provision of extra convenience in situations when a user needs to quickly find their car

    One more important issue to address was Vehicle and Personally Identifiable Information security.

Development Approach

  • To accomplish the set goals, our teams needed to establish the connection with cars’ API and decided to base the system on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • We chose Python as the technology for the development of the system’s back-end. Java, Go, and others are also suitable for such cases
  • The Mobile Apps were developed based on the leading Mobile App development languages: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android
  • To ensure application protection and data security, we took advantage of certificate pinning and established verification of identity with biometrics data

Key Features

Here are the key features for the first release of our App:

  • Remote control of the climate system
  • Remote control of external lighting system with the ability to flash headlamps when finding the car at night or in the dark
  • Remote car horn control for finding a vehicle on a parking lot
  • Map search of the car with turn by turn walking directions provided by the app
  • Verification of identity with biometrics data

Business Results

  • One single application that covers many convenience features in vehicles
  • The app provides added convenience to the ownership experience by offering key convenience features that make owning the vehicle much more satisfying

    Note that the list of features given in the previous section can be extended on demand, whether there’s a need in the establishment of the connection with central vehicle support centers (through Bluetooth extension for OBD2 port), service appointment scheduling, predictive maintenance, etc.
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Take advantage of our expertise in solution development for car dealers to receive the first version of our App within the next 6-8 months. Interested?