Take advantage of our DevOps expertise to get scalable and secure end-to-end solutions in the shortest time, at the very best price.

DevOps services on offer

To ensure stability for operating environments, faster delivery time, and quality builds, Emerline teams provide a range of DevOps services, including:

DevOps consulting services

Whether it is an assessment of the existing DevOps strategy for its further optimization, requirement for a DevOps automation plan, or assistance in management, Emerline has got you covered.

Infrastructure-as-code services

Ensure easy IT infrastructure deployment with Emerline IaC (infrastructure as code) services that turn your complex systems into a few lines of code, in this way ensuring the creation of DevOps-friendly environments.

Containerization services

Addressing the application-centric business transformation, our DevOps experts replace traditional infrastructures with containers, achieving better execution of processes, more flexibility, improved speed, and efficiency at minimum resources.

Container orchestration services

Take advantage of our expertise in container orchestration and get a precious opportunity to easily deploy your application across different environments, while avoiding the redesign stage.

CI/CT/CD services

Contributing to faster product delivery, our DevOps teams offer full-cycle continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery services that cover everything from plan building and implementation to optimization and maintenance.

Automatization & optimization services

Our teams will automate and optimize error monitoring, performance and log management for your solution to open up space for further improvements to your application.

Monitoring and alerting services

Emerline’s specialists configure 24x7 application monitoring for threats, ensuring your ability to receive comprehensive and insightful alerts in case any issues occur and take immediate, proper actions to fix them.

Disaster recovery services

We apply accumulated disaster recovery expertise that covers both audits and required fixes to ensure your application’s operational resiliency in case of any service interruptions.

DevOps as a service

Acting as a DevOps services company, we place an emphasis on agility and flexibility achievable with instant access to our DevOps experts who work to help your company's IT department.

WinOps services

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest DevOps tendencies, we are supplementing our own knowledge with experts in WinOps delivery to provide top-notch services in a Microsoft-centric environment.

Our technology competences

Emerline's DevOps team has a multitude of specialists with exceptional knowledge in the administration of Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS) and Windows (Windows Server 2008+) environments. We place great emphasis on monitoring the production and deployment processes through IT infrastructure with ELK, Zabbix, Nagios, and New Relic tools.

Disaster recovery
Infrastructure monitoring
New Relic
Code synchronization
Cloud hosting
MS Azure
Google Cloud
Continuous integration
GitLab CI
Container-based virtual
General tools
Bash shell

Why do you need DevOps services?

What are the reasons for high demand in DevOps experts, and what are the benefits of united development and operations?

Fast delivery

The keystones of DevOps – automation, continuous delivery, and quick and continuous feedback – all contribute to faster, more productive, and efficient development.

Collaboration & communication

DevOps implies interdepartmental collaboration and promotes a dynamic communicative environment, paving the way for improved business agility.

Improved experiences

Automated delivery pipeline allows significantly increasing deployment frequency and recovery times, contributing to better user experience and customer satisfaction.

Granted product quality

Automated continuous monitoring and continuous testing of the code applied in a knowledge-sharing environment result in the improved build quality.

Faster time to market

Through automation, DevOps enable shorter release cycles and reduced time-to-market timelines – both accompanied by the sustainable quality of code.

A growing WinOps team at your disposal

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest DevOps tendencies, we are supplementing our own knowledge with the experts in WinOps delivery to provide top-notch services in a Microsoft-centric environment.

Emerline’s WinOps specialists are proficient in the usage of DevOps tools and methodologies for Windows and targeted at the effective open source solutions.

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services
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Our Clients

What our clients say?

We are proud to have earned a reputation of a reliable software development provider, which is supported by the feedback received from our clients.


23 Reviews on Clutch

23 Reviews on Clutch