Establishing operational efficiency through Chatbot App Development Services

Taking advantage of our deep expertise in AI & ML development, Emerline creates smart chatbots that perfectly serve as an additional communicative and marketing force to our clients.

Chatbot Development Services

By offering custom chatbot development to companies willing to take their business to the next level with modern tech solutions, we ensure their ability to automate certain operations, add more personalization, and increase customer retention. The range of chatbot development services on offer includes:

Support chatbot development

Created with the use of deep learning, NLP, and offering speech recognition capabilities upon request, support chatbots developed by Emerline teams allow companies to save business resources and increase the rates of customer satisfaction.

Skills chatbot development

Helping clients with performing certain actions, our NLP-featuring skills chatbots show high performance and can be built with any custom features for the extension of their capabilities.

Assistant bot development

Good at conversations, answering questions, and entertaining users with human-like interactions, assistant bots developed by our professionals can be integrated with various platforms to cover relevant business processes of our clients.

Informational bot development

Whether it is a solution for the provision of relevant information or its gathering, informational bots developed at Emerline are precisely targeted at specific business goals and needs of our clients.

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Benefits of chatbots to business

Even though chatbots can perform a variety of specific tasks, there are some general benefits businesses can extract from the implementation of such solutions into their processes.

Round-the-clock support

Your support team needs rest while chatbots don’t. By leveraging such a solution for business, you ensure that your clients will be able to get answers to their questions 24x7.

Quick answers

Modern people don’t like wasting their time waiting for assistance, so the ability to receive instant answers provided by chatbots will result in higher satisfaction and increased retention rates.

Pre-purchase consultations

Chatbots are good at providing relevant information on products and services your business offers, and when trained to answer FAQs, they contribute to a significant increase in sales rates.

Lead generation

It’s not just about the increase in the number of leads coming: chatbots also contribute to better lead qualification by asking relevant questions and better lead nurturing with personalized recommendations and offers.

Delegation of routine tasks

It is possible to delegate certain repetitive tasks to chatbots, and in this way save resources, devoting them to the completion of more complicated tasks.

Brand straightening

In addition to the above-listed benefits, chatbots allow businesses to get a competitive edge on the market, ensure modernity, and get more client’s attention and trust.

Industries We Cater AI Chatbot Development Services To

Chatbot app development at Emerline is largely focused on the provision of solutions tailored to the industrial needs of our clients. Here are some of the examples of how we can meet your industrial requirements:

E-commerce chatbots

Healthcare chatbots

Travel & hospitality chatbots

Media chatbots

Finance chatbots

Retail chatbots

Our chatbots for e-commerce serve as online assistants, helping your users in finding answers to their questions on products and services, generating product suggestions, and sending updates or orders with shipping details.

Whether used for booking appointments for patients and providing relevant information on treatment plans or helping with pre-diagnosis and symptoms checking, our healthcare chatbots contribute to the increase in quality of the services offered by your company.

Chatbots we deliver for clients operating within the travel and hospitality industry help in performing a variety of tasks: from tickets and best hotel room finding to providing information on booking changes and answering common questions.

Clients willing to attract more users while increasing their retention rates can take advantage of our media chatbot development expertise that allows receiving a solution that can automatically send personalized news and alerts from multiple sources.

In banking and finance, chatbots developed by the Emerline teams contribute to a higher level of satisfaction among clients, allowing them to receive important updates on time and personalizing services in accordance with individual preferences.

Chatbots we develop for retail help our clients with customer support, providing answers to FAQs, generating suggestions on products and services, and automatically sending relevant information on personalized offers.

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Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services
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