360 View Virtual Showrooms

Web application for car dealers.



Car Dealerships

Target Audience

Car Buyers


The need to break new grounds in a car buying experience. The impact of COVID-19 and quarantine measures on the number of customer visits to showrooms. Inability to present all models of cars in a showroom. For example, the newest ones that can be ordered but yet are not presented physically in a showroom.


A web application that allows investigating both interior and exterior of cars offered by the dealership and making an order online.


Emerline had to plan the development of a web solution that would provide added convenience to an online car buying experience. The app has to offer a close-to-real experience of visiting a showroom, allowing a user to investigate the interior and exterior of a chosen car model in a 360 view, from every angle, and then make an order online.

Development Approach

  • We decided to build the application using Python as a primary language for development.
  • To offer a 360 view tour experience, we took advantage of Panolens.js that works with panoramic pictures and allows setting infospots.
  • The solution was integrated with payment systems to allow users to make orders and pay for chosen car models online.

Key Features

Here are the key features for the first release of the app:

  • 360-degree view of a chosen car, both from the inside and outside;
  • Tours are labeled, so when investigating a car’s interior, a user won't get lost somewhere in a pedal block;
  • Tours are guided with text messages that highlight all the essentials to learn about a chosen model of car;
  • In-app order and pre-order creation;
  • In-app payment.

Business Results and Extra Offer

Building solutions that allow your customers to investigate cars presented in your virtual showroom in a 360 view, we open up space for outstanding customer experience, providing your potential clients with the ability to:

  • Visit a showroom in the privacy and comfort of their homes, with a computer, laptop, or mobile device;
  • Get a 360-degree view of a chosen car, both from the inside and outside;
  • Enjoy a guided tour with all the essentials highlighted;
  • Get acquainted with new or upcoming models of cars for pre-order;
  • Go through a complete cycle of car buying experience, from looking at car models from every angle to making a purchase.

    Note that we can also build 360-view virtual showrooms featuring 3D scene reconstruction, 3D engine, and 3D model preview.

    Take advantage of our expertise in solution development for car dealers to receive the first version of our App within the next 6-8 months. Interested? Request a quote today.
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