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Over 12 years Emerline develops custom medical software solutions that enhance health results, educate patients, streamline processes, and adhere to the rigorous data and security requirements of the healthcare industry


Years of experience working in the Healthcare industry with proven healthcare development expertise

Emerline offers comprehensive medical software development services for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, digital health startups, and medical device manufacturers. With our customized medical software development services, you can enhance health outcomes, educate patients, and streamline processes while complying with industry-specific data and security standards.

Expert-Level and Compliance with Industry Standards in Healthcare Software Development

Emerline’s healthcare software development services have received numerous certificates and achievements, which demonstrate our high level of expertise.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

A set of standards to protect sensitive patient health data.


Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act created to promote the adoption of electronic health records (EHR).

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)

The standard for the communication and management of medical imaging information and related data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General data protection regulation is a part of EU law dedicated to protecting privacy and personal data.

Health Level Seven (HL7)

International standards used to transfer clinical or administrative data between healthcare providers.

ISO 13485:2016

Requirements for a quality management system for the design and production of medical devices.

Our Approach to Delivering Healthcare Software Development Services

Our medical software engineering services cover a broad spectrum of solutions, including prototyping, development, deployment, post-launch maintenance, and integration with third-party systems.

Turnkey healthcare solutions

Our expertise in healthcare software development allows us to manage projects from start to finish, covering the discovery phase, proof of concept, company-wide deployment, and post-launch maintenance, all seamlessly integrated and managed under one roof.

Expert advice

As part of our consulting services, we offer guidance to our clients on best practices for digital transformation, leveraging cloud computing, modernizing legacy applications, implementing DevOps methodologies, adopting AI and ML, as well as managing and analyzing data effectively.

Workforce skill gap

Our mission at Emerline is to help healthcare providers and digital health companies overcome the skills gap in knowledge-intensive projects, such as AI, DevOps, and intelligent automation. We offer a variety of engagement models to ensure effective collaboration.

Healthcare Solutions Emerline Delivers

Explore a range of software development solutions in Healthcare that are capable of automating routine tasks, enabling better care coordination, and addressing all security challenges.

mHealth apps

  • User-friendly mobile apps for patients

  • Secure and feature-rich mobile apps for doctors

  • Advanced mobile apps for entire medical facilities

Telehealth and telemedicine

  • Telehealth solution development and integration services

  • Exceptional UI/UX design for telemedicine applications

  • Cybersecurity and data privacy protection for telehealth solutions


  • Telehealth solution development and integration services

  • Exceptional UI/UX design for telemedicine applications

  • Cybersecurity and data privacy protection for telehealth solutions

Patient and provider portals

  • Expert e-consultations

  • Medical appointment booking

  • Individualized treatment recommendations

  • Online health assessment

Custom Healthcare Solutions

  • Custom CRM

  • Integrated ERP solution

  • Document management solutions

  • Other custom solutions

Healthcare Software Developers

  • Healthcare UI/UX designers, architects, and QA engineers

  • Healthcare UI/UX designers, architects, and QA engineers

  • Highly-skilled healthcare PMs and software developers

Healthcare Software Solutions for Startups

As a software development company dedicated to empowering startups, we understand the unique challenges and obstacles they face. Discover how Emerline's healthcare software development services can support your IT healthcare startup by leveraging our deep industry knowledge, skilled professionals, and proven track record.

Our Expertise In Innovative Technologies for Healthcare Industry

We try to stay ahead of the curve with the latest and most innovative technologies, from AI and ML to blockchain, enabling us to create healthcare solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

VR, AR & MR for Healthcare Industry

Our medical app development team has extensive experience implementing VR, AR, and MR technologies to improve the accuracy of diagnostics, streamline surgical procedures, and offer immersive educational experiences for medical professionals and students.

IoT for Healthcare

Whether you need remote patient care solutions, cutting-edge data collection tools, healthcare climate systems, or real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance for medical equipment, our team has the expertise to deliver IoT-based customized solutions.

AI and ML for Healthcare Software Development

Our team of experts specializes in implementing advanced ML algorithms that improve the precision of diagnostics and analysis, optimize routine operations, and enable modern examination methods.

Blockchain for Healthcare

Our team specializes in developing secure smart contracts for efficient management of patient data, insurance claims processing, health records interoperability, and other critical healthcare applications.

Cloud for Healthcare

Cloud computing is transforming the healthcare industry, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. With our solutions, you can enjoy streamlined operations, secure medical records sharing, and easy scalability.

End-to-End Healthcare App Development Process

Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your app is designed, developed, and maintained to the highest standards.


UX/UI Design



Maintenance and support

Our team works closely with you to analyze your idea, identify key features, and determine any compliance requirements. Using this information, we develop a comprehensive healthcare app development plan that delivers a high-quality product quickly and cost-effectively.

We understand the importance of user-centered design. That’s why we work closely with you to combine your product's purpose with user needs and create wireframes and graphical interfaces that are tailored to your specific audience.

Our developers prioritize built-in security measures and carefully select the best tech stack for your specific needs. This helps us to provide healthcare mobile app development services that adhere to industry standards and ensure your app is safe and secure.

Our approach to health app development includes continuous testing to verify compliance, security, and quality. This gives you confidence in the reliability of your app and ensures a positive user experience.

We provide continuous support after your app is released to ensure you can make timely updates to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your users and the healthcare market.

Healthcare Software Development Case Studies

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Why Choose Us?


Of customers turn to us by recommendation.


Business days is the setup of a project team.

Design Thinking methodology

We build products that meet users’ needs and address real-life business challenges.

Our R&D department

Has access to the latest innovations even before their official release.

For Enterprises

18+ years

We develop and implement enterprise-scale software solutions, being a part of LeverX.

Confidence in the project

Risk and compliance management at any project stage.

We are part of LeverX

You deal with a reliable company that has been providing excellent software services for enterprises and is deeply involved in the successful 19-year collaboration with Fortune 1000 companies.

Up to 30 FTEs per project

Team scalability based on an established hiring/mentoring program and access to a broad pool of experts.

Collaboration with Fortune 1000 companies

We are deeply involved in the fruitful collaboration with Fortune 1000 companies

Certified experts

We are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 55001 compliant

For Startups

2-5 months

average MVP delivery period

100+ startups

From Silicon Valley, UK, Switzerland, and EU we worked with successfully passed at least two rounds of investments.

We are customers of our client's

You get a great-done solution that even your vendor (we) may use because they are sure in its quality.

No restrictions on the project size

We are flexible in terms of project size and can start working at any stage of your application’s lifecycle.

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Emerline offers tailored healthcare software development services that utilize deep learning and artificial neural networks (ANNs) to adapt to the changing needs of the medical industry. Deep learning enables the generation of real-time patient status updates using raw or historical patient data, leading to enhanced patient care. Furthermore, the implementation of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) improves efficiency, reduces costs, and aids in healthcare management decision-making. We are available to address any inquiries you may have.

Our Clients

Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services