Emerline Empowered a Household Goods Distributor to Modernize Sales Using Adobe Commerce

Emerline contributed to the modernization of an American household goods distributor's direct sales model through an Adobe Commerce platform upgrade.



Our customer is an American retail leader specializing in distributing a wide array of household goods, including kitchen and home-related products.

Area of expertise



The burden of a legacy system resulted in the absence of robust data analytics capabilities, hindering informed decision-making and customer insights.


We transformed the customer’s party experience by collaborating on requirements, designing a tailored migration path, and creating a user-friendly experience for all devices.


The customer confronted a pivotal challenge in modernizing their direct sales model: their legacy system didn't have enough capacity to provide an E-commerce experience that their consultants would love.

Managing their nationwide team of direct-to-consumer party consultants required a more responsive and feature-rich application and platform that seamlessly integrated the latest E-commerce functionalities while accommodating the unique intricacies of their business model.

Solution Description

In response to the customer’s need for a comprehensive solution, the Emerline team embarked on a two-stage project:

Stage 1. Requirements gathering and UX design

During the initial stage, we thoroughly examined their direct sales model. This involved collaborative discussions with their team to establish a comprehensive list of requirements and a customized migration plan. Additionally, we carefully crafted user stories and designed an enhanced user experience that caters to a wide range of devices.

Stage 2. Adobe Commerce implementation and stakeholder collaboration

In the second stage of the project, we made the strategic decision to implement the cutting-edge Adobe Commerce platform for D2C. Currently, we are diligently progressing through this stage, working closely with key stakeholders to ensure a seamless and successful platform implementation and launch.

Key Features

  • Direct sale business model support
  • Integration with legacy ERP system
  • Unified desktop, mobile, and tablet UX/UI

Technology Stack We Used


on demand server cluster


Adobe Commerce 2.4x

















Although the project has not yet been completed, we are already witnessing impressive outcomes, including enhanced usability, increased efficiency, and positive consultant Feedback. Our ongoing development of the new Adobe Commerce platform for D2C, in close alignment with our stakeholders, continues to drive us toward realizing even more substantial outcomes. Anticipated results encompass further improvements in usability, a continued reduction in consultant complaints, and a noteworthy upswing in sales, all of which serve as a testament to the thriving evolution of our partnership and the project's ultimate success.

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