Front-End Development of a Migraine Prevention App

Emerline took part in the development of a mobile healthcare app that helps people who are prone to migraine minimize the possibility of its attack by taking preventive measures suggested by the app.



Healthcare app supplier

Target Audinece

Healthcare service provides


Sick and tired of migraine? That's the key idea behind the mobile app designed to forecast the symptoms and prevent the disease.


Mobile app, healthcare app, migraine prevention app

Project Goals

Our team was contacted by a healthcare provider who had a mobile solution aimed at preventing migraine attacks by analyzing various types of data and providing its users with useful insights. The client already had the backend and wanted our UI/UX experts to create the frontend for the existing iOS application, as well as to develop the one for Android from scratch. Because the client also had the idea to sell the app to various healthcare providers, we were also challenged to make it easily visually customizable for multiple brands.

Solution Description

The idea behind the app was to offer a user a migraine-free life or to minimize the possibility for its occurrence through the analysis of three types of data:

  • Environmental (weather — barometric pressure change, bright sunlight, and other traceable triggers)
  • Behavioral (data provided by the user on a diet, sleep, activity, etc.)
  • Personal (gender, age, etc.)

A user of the app receives notifications on the risk of a migraine attack to prevent it or at least minimize the harmful impact to get easier through the day by timely medication intake suggested by the app. The app itself creates a calendar, highlighting the risky days on the basis of the received information, in this way allowing to manage treatment accordingly.

Development Approach

First of all, our experts rebuilt the existing frontend for the iOS application. Secondly, our team developed a UI for the Android version of the app. Thirdly, we worked on the creation of custom themes to allow the client the possibility for setting different color themes for the app and changing the branding elements. To do so, our mobile developers took advantage of Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.


In a short period of time, within 3 months, our team has successfully accomplished all the goals set by the client. We delivered easy-to-use, pleasantly looking, intuitive UI for iOS and Android versions of the app, each offering opportunities for fast and easy customization. Thanks to our work, our client can:

  • Resell the app to any third-party service provider, allowing them to implement their branding elements and set a color theme accordingly.
  • Provide users with the solution that looks good and is easy and pleasant to interact with.
  • Reach a wider audience by offering versions for an additional platform.
  • Be sure that the version for iOS is fault-free and offers the desired level of experience.
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