How Emerline Helped a Jewelry and Accessories Company Achieve 99.9% Uptime and Increase Sales

Emerline assisted a global jewelry and accessories company with the seamless migration to a modern Magento Enterprise platform.



Distributor of jewelry and accessories from the USA

Are of expertise



Frequent downtime and scalability issues resulting in lost sales, as well as expensive development cycles and high maintenance costs affecting overall finances.


The solution included migrating to a new Magento platform, developing features to streamline trunk show scheduling, audience RSVP, and B2B2C incentives programs, ensuring seamless support for the customer’s unique direct sales model.


Our customer, a jewelry and accessories company, spanning North America, Europe, and the UK, faced a pressing challenge: an outdated tech setup comprising Magento EE 2.1 and Drupal. As their business expanded, the technology remained stagnant, unable to keep pace with the surging demands.

In essence, the challenge was multi-faceted:

  • Financial strain. Financial strains arose as maintenance costs soared, hindering profitability.
  • Stagnant growth. The existing system lacked the agility to evolve in sync with the customer's global expansion.
  • Frequent downtime. Frequent system outages resulted in reduced sales and customer loyalty.
  • Inefficient development cycles. Resource-intensive development efforts were diverting focus from core business strategies.

Moreover, the customer's unique direct sales model, executed through home-based entrepreneurs, required a tech understanding uncommon in traditional E-commerce. Drawing on our experience in overcoming similar obstacles, along with our strong technical expertise and in-depth understanding of the industry, Emerline was well-prepared to provide a practical solution.

Solution Description

In response to these challenges, we orchestrated a comprehensive solution that hinged on two key pillars:

Platform migration and enhancement

Recognizing the imperative need for a robust foundation, we seamlessly migrated the client's operations to a new Magento Enterprise platform. This modernized infrastructure formed the bedrock for the impending transformation, equipped with the necessary agility to accommodate growth.

Tailored business model integration

We engaged closely with the client, unraveling the intricacies of their direct sales model and marketing strategies. Through this collaboration, we developed and incorporated features into the system. The customer was empowered to effortlessly arrange new collection presentations, while their audience found convenience in RSVP functionality. Moreover, a dynamic B2B2C incentives program was deftly integrated to further augment engagement.

At its core, our solution addressed not only the technical gaps but also the nuances of the client's distinctive business framework, fortifying them for a new era of seamless, growth-oriented operations.

Key Features

  • Worldwide distribution over a single platform
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • RSVP functionality
  • Design first approach
  • Full control over infrastructure

Technology Stack We Used


On demand server cluster


Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 - 2.11

Drupal 4.x-5.x
















Our strategic efforts translated into clear achievements that highlight our commitment to advancing our client's interests:

  • Sales increased significantly, showcasing the positive impact of our actions.
  • Operational downtimes were reduced, ensuring smoother business operations.
  • Development cycles accelerated, leading to better resource utilization.

Notably, the new web store maintained an impressive uptime of over 99.9%, even during periods of high demand.

Additionally, we enhanced the website's global accessibility by seamlessly integrating multiple languages and currencies. This seamlessly aligned with our client's direct sales model, reinforcing their distinctive market presence. Implementation of new online marketing strategies was expedited by a remarkable 40%.

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