Hybrid Rental Property Application

Mobile application for landlords and tenants to handle rental deals.



Financial service provider

Target Audience

Landlords and tenants


There’s a need for a mobile platform that will be used by landlords and tenants to execute rental deals.


The mobile rental property application assists landlords and tenants to manage rental property activities within a single platform. The app is available for iPhones and iPads.


The app’s mission is to connect landlords and tenants together to execute commercial real estate deals. The client already had a web portal when the company reached Emerline’s team to address the challenge of building an iOS-based application that would run perfectly on iPads.

Solution Description

Emerline’s team delivered a hybrid mobile application for iPhones and iPads based on the back-end provided by the client. The app helps landlords rent out houses, apartments, and other types of property. It provides a convenient way for landlords and tenants to manage rental property activities within a single platform. Using the mobile application, tenants can search for rental property and perform all the required operations to take property on lease.

Core Technologies

  • React Native
  • TypeScript

Key Features

Booking of a property for rental

Tenants can choose and book property items they want to rent.

Online chat for landlords and tenants

The app provides an opportunity to contact a landlord to clarify some details.

Invoice management

Users can check the invoices they receive from landlords.

Payment management

There’s an in-app payment option for tenants.

User-friendly dashboard used to manage activities

Landlords and tenants can see their activities in the app’s dashboard.


It took three months to transfer the functionality of the web application to a hybrid mobile app for an iOS operating system, and works smoothly on iPads and iPhones.

The app’s functionality makes it easier for tenants to find the property that meet their needs and rent via the user-friendly mobile solution. It’s also beneficial for landlords as it allows them to manage all their clients and rental activities through a convenient dashboard.

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