IoT development services on offer

Opening up opportunities for companies to take advantage of device-generated data, Emerline offers IoT development services, including:

IoT consulting

IoT projects at Emerline always start with in-depth research of your business needs and risk assessment. In this way, we ensure your ability to get the solution that will completely meet your business goals and perfectly work for your company’s success.

Custom IoT development

Our teams create IoT-driven custom applications that unlock access to data generated by smart devices and offer remote access opportunities. Whether you need a native or a cross-platform application, we have got you covered.

IoT integration services

At Emerline, we create advanced platforms that establish two-way communication between IoT devices, systems, and analytics, ensuring improved agility, innovation, and decision-making for your business.

IoT analytics

The creation of robust analytics solutions is an integral part of the Internet of Things development services we offer, as it allows a business to receive fast and valuable insights that derive from information gathered from a variety of solutions used within a company.

Technology stack

Depending on the solution that needs to be developed, our specialists leverage their expertise in the creation of innovative IoT applications, taking advantage of the following technologies:

Raspberry PI
STM 32
Platforms and SDKs
SAP Leonardo
Amazon IoT
Azure IoT
Google Cloud IoT

Want to unlock the power of IoT for business?

Business benefits of IoT solutions

Companies that take advantage of IoT application development services can enjoy a great number of benefits that open up new business opportunities. These include:

Increased revenue

Software solutions that connect devices contribute to overall business optimization and modernization, amplifying return on investments.

Workplace safety

When applied to such spheres as manufacturing, construction, real estate, mining, etc., IoT applications significantly increase safety conditions by allowing remote monitoring and alerting.

Higher productivity

Providing opportunities for real-time tracking, implementation of IoT solutions allows reducing mistakes and achieving greater efficiency of processes.

Meaningful insights

Receiving information from a variety of sources and analyzing it, IoT software provides businesses with the opportunity to make fast and smart data-driven decisions.

Reduced operating costs

Automating a range of manual tasks, IoT applications contribute to the minimization of human-related errors and provide the ability for smarter, more efficient resource allocation.

Industries we impact

Serving as an effective means for receiving, gathering, and analyzing information, IoT applications can be leveraged for any industry. Our expertise in IoT development services covers the development of applications for the following domains:


Media & Entertainment



Industrial Manufacturing

Our IoT applications for healthcare promote the modernity and efficiency of medical services, allowing you to receive important information on a patient’s health status and come up with accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Whether it is gaming, journalism, or music production, the implementation of IoT applications to M&E allows the delivery of more personalized services that make your business stand out from competitors.

Retailers can take advantage of our IoT solution development expertise that covers the needs of smart stores, allows smart transportation, ensures demand-aware warehouse fulfillment, and opens up space for predictive equipment maintenance.

Contributing to the efficiency of location management, inventory tracking, supply chain management, and other crucial processes of the logistics industry, our solutions ensure a smooth path to success for your business.

Gathering data from machines and opening up space for remote controlling, IoT applications developed by Emerline for the manufacturing ensure safer and efficient production.

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Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services
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23 Reviews on Clutch