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Operational Challenges We Address

Lack of forecasting data

such as demand forecasting and maintenance schedules for equipment and servers.

Costly onboarding & support processes

including customer support, employee onboarding, and feedback gathering via both text and speech channels.

Big amount of manual routine operations

such as processing purchase request emails, extracting data from documents, and filling out forms.

The high volume of unstructured data to be searched, analyzed, and processed

including documents, images, video and audio files.

How We Work

Step 1: Exploration

Our experts conduct education sessions, AI webinars, and AI use case exploration workshops to define your unique business model, goals, and challenges, and to provide a sound AI strategy.

Step 2: PoC/MVP

We initiate PoC (Proof of Concept) / MVP (Minimal Viable Product) development, adhering to the CRISP-DM methodology to validate data quality and anticipate outcomes.

Step 3: Production

We scale the PoC/MVP to production, ensuring adherence to all organizational security and compliance requirements.

Considering how AI can benefit your organization? Let us lead you through the exploration process.

Our AI Solutions

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence and streamline your business with our tailored solutions.

AI assistants

Document processing tools

Data analysis & forecasting

Image & video processing solutions

AI assistants

We utilize the results of our research team to provide you with cost-optimized AI assistants like:

Internal assistants, that streamline employee onboarding and provide access to internal policies and company knowledge, such as databases and files.

External assistants, that assist customers with product/service inquiries, FAQs, and other tasks, reducing the need for human involvement.

Document processing tools

We create various document processing tools, including customer feedback processing and summarization solutions, as well as tax and invoice processing tools.

These tools enhance customer experience by analyzing behavior patterns, needs, and preferences while automating invoice processing.

Data analysis & forecasting

Our experts assist businesses in analyzing data to gain insights, identify anomalies, and predict future trends.

Our AI document processing tools can perform various tasks, such as market demand prediction, equipment and servers maintenance forecasting, anomaly detection in assets, and time-series data processing.

Image & video processing solutions

We develop solutions that can process image and video files for personalization, object detection and recognition, and content validation, helping businesses improve user engagement, accuracy, and content authenticity.

AI Services We Offer

Emerline offers full-cycle AI development services, from consulting and developing customized solutions to data analysis and AI integration.

AI Use Case Exploration Workshop

Curious about AI implementation but unsure where to start? Our design thinking sessions analyze your business and identify the best AI application.

Learn more about Workshops

AI Consulting

Don’t know what AI solution to choose? We will guide you through your concerns and help you maximize your AI investments.

Integration with AI Cloud products

We integrate your solution with top AI cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, helping you achieve access to advanced AI tools.

Custom AI solution development

If you have unique needs stemming from its focus area or size, our team can create a custom solution by developing custom machine learning models and algorithms.

AI solutions for mobile platforms

With the collaborative expertise of our AI experts and mobile developers, we create AI solutions tailored for mobile platforms.

Considering AI solutions but unsure where to begin?

Let our experts guide you. Book a free consultation and receive proven results in weeks, not years.

Industries We Serve

Emerline specializes in developing custom AI solutions to address the specific needs of the industries our clients operate in. Explore how our expertise in AI can revolutionize your industry.


Retail & E‑Commerce


Finance & Insurance

Real estate

Marketing & Advertising

Information Technology

Case Studies

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What our clients say?

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23 Reviews on Clutch

23 Reviews on Clutch

Why To Choose Emerline for AI Development Services?

Cooperation with universities
We collaborate with universities to leverage their profound expertise in specialized knowledge areas, and our on-campus labs facilitate the successful delivery of niche projects
Cost effectiveness
Whether you are a startup with limited resources or a business focused on a quick launch, we prioritize your financial efficiency. By reusing existing AI products, we ensure cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
AI ethics and compliance
We specialize in developing and deploying responsible AI solutions, ensuring they are trustworthy, transparent, and ethical.
Expertise of adapting AI for mobiles
Emerline has a tech team with the expertise in adapting AI for mobile usage, offering you a strategic edge and competitive advantages.
Investments in R&D
We invest 10K man-hours in research and development, ensuring our team possesses unparalleled expertise across domains.

Artificial Intelligence Industry Partners

AI Tech Stack We Use

Hugging Face
TensorFlow Lite
ML kit
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Click House
Apache Airflow