CRM System for the Legal Industry

The development of a legal system that allows the customer to provide end-to-end legal document services, featuring all the important integrations for communication, payment, dynamic document generation, etc.



Legal services provider

Target Audience

People or businesses searching for legal services


Long, tiresome, and mostly manual processes of legal document creation.


CRM system to cover an end-to-end process of legal document creation (payment processing included).


Emerline was contacted by a company that offers legal services (the development of legal documents for various needs) and tasked to create a system that would receive requests for services from various websites, provide the ability to send automatically generated dynamic forms in doc. format, hold communication with a client throughout the whole process of the legal document creation, and allow payments within the system.

Our teams developed the solution from scratch, building both the backend and frontend of the application and ensuring all the important integrations.

Development Approach

Here are brief descriptions of what our teams did to ensure that the customer would be able to use a fully-functional, end-to-end solution for the provision of legal services.

  • We decided to base the system on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and take advantage of AWS S3.
  • The backend of the application was developed with the use of Python.
  • For the creation of the frontend, our teams utilized JavaScript with React.
  • The system was also *integrated *with a variety of third-party providers, including Stripe payment systems, Twilio, Dropbox, etc.
  • Under support services, we make small touch-ups to the developed solution, ensuring its modernity and seamless performance. Also, upon the customer’s request, the support includes the development of some addings to the system.

Key Features

The developed system for the generation of legal documents offers the following features:

  • Automatic document generation (on the basis of 6 areas covered by the customer)
  • Online payment system
  • Notification system (sales, news on added services, etc.)
  • Online customization of documents
  • Safe access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Convenient navigation

Technology Stack We Used


Amazon Web Services (AWS)







Our expertise in the development of solutions for legal services, understanding of what technology will suit the customer’s needs most, and the considerations of important integrations has resulted in the ability of our customer to offer a range of legal services. With the solution created by Emerline, both customer and their clients can enjoy the convenience of end-to-end service provision within a single platform that features everything needed for successful performance and the production of desired outcomes: from a user-friendly interface to payment, communication, and document generation capabilities.