Smart 3D Coloring by Numbers

A stress-relieving mobile app for iOS with Augmented Reality features and 3D Builder



Own product

Target Audinece

Children keen on taking part in competitions and showing their creativity

Adults who want to relax, forget about daily routine, and amuse themselves with funny drawings


Boredom, tiredness, or stress; desire for rest; intention to test a new entertainment app


Mobile application with a set of 3D pixel figures to color; creative platform for placing ready-made figures there or making your own creatures


In today’s stressful world, people often feel tired and apathetic. After a hard working day or exhausting housework, their only desire is to take a break and get a portion of positive emotions.

To give a chance to relax and enjoy a pleasant pastime, Emerline specialists have introduced a magnificent world of custom 3D figures and AR experience in one mobile app. 3D Colorbook aims to help people forget about anxiety, harmonize mind and spirit, or practice their wit and speed.

Solution Description

Color space around

The 3D Colorbook app for iOS is a nicely designed solution for coloring and creating figures, either in 3D or traditional mode.

Create figures from scratch

Let your imagination run wild while creating figures by yourself. Anything you wish, from a pet or bird to a cozy house for them, can smoothly appear thanks to simple controls.

Build your own universe

3D Colorbook presents you with an island. Fill it with the creatures you wish and organize the space as desired.

Tech Stack We Used

Swift, ARKit, SceneKit

Key Features

3D Coloring

Coloring figures is pretty easy — just follow the number in pixel boxes. A special color palette at the bottom of the screen is provided to give you a clue about the correlation between colors and numbers. Choose the best way to color the reality around — both 3D or traditional options are available.

3D Builder

No limits for your creativity and imagination — 3D Colorbook lets you turn your ideas into reality even without knowledge of art. Check the app to see that creating 3D compositions is less than simple.

Augmented Reality

To make the app’s world as realistic as possible, Emerline’s tech specialists enriched the solution with the AR powers. Have fun managing your colored figures in AR.

Speed & Creativity Challenges

How fast will you color a 3D figure? Will you outperform other app users? What about challenging yourself and checking out whether your creativity has increased? The 3D Colorbook app is about competition, too — accept the challenge, test the coloring speed or unleash the power of your imagination, and go to the app’s leaderboard to see how cool you are.

Custom 3D Figures

Our 3D design specialists are constantly enriching the collection of the figures available for coloring. Each one is unique, so you’ll never get bored by the process and find the option that really fascinates you.


Entertainment apps provide a perfect way to brighten up your leisure. The 3D Colorbook mobile solution by Emerline gives its users access to an eventful coloring journey. Have fun, resist depression, get rid of apathy and sadness, and create true masterpieces! Experiment with AR and 3D, explore the rich library of figures, and make a contribution to a colorful atmosphere around.

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