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Join our AI Workshop to discover and integrate the latest and most efficient AI technologies to drive business growth.


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Business Benefits of AI Workshop

During our design-thinking workshop, delve into the powerful applications of artificial intelligence in business to unlock:

  • Understanding of the key AI-related terms and definitions.
  • Learn how to avoid inefficient expenses while implementing AI technology.
  • Get familiar with up-to-date compliance requirements and regulations in the US and EU.
  • Identify key AI implementation areas in your business and develop implementation plans with our expert guidance.
About the Workshop

Facilitated brainstorming sessions mixed with the inspiration sessions of our AI experts. We use AI opportunity cards to trigger the creative conversation.

As a result of the workshop, we end up with a filled-in Use Case Brief canvas which represents the step-by-step plan for applying AI technology to a business problem.

Determine AI use cases relevant to specific business needs
5-10 people
4-8 hours workshop
In-person or virtually
What our clients say?

We are proud to have earned a reputation of a reliable software development provider, which is supported by feedback received from our clients.


23 Reviews on Clutch

23 Reviews on Clutch

Thank you to all of you for the interesting and insightful workshop. We not only learned new approaches but we also went back to the office/home with lots of ideas how to implement and use AI in our professional life now and in the future.

Katharina Weibel

Global Real Estate Advisor at One Sotheby’s International Realty

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for coaching the event and walking us through the workshop. I am glad to report that I received throughout positive feedback from the participants. Thanks again for your great effort. I look forward to seeing you hopefully soon again.

Rene Riedi

Central and Latin America Executive Advisor at Dufry America, LLC

The workshop was a great success, very interesting and gives us plenty of ideas to improve our process.

Severine Meimoun

Founder and Director at Eventmore

Who Will Benefit from Our Workshop?

Business leaders
C-suite executives
Startup founders

Workshop Takeaways and Materials

As a participant in AI workshop, you will gain a wealth of resources and insights tailored to enhance your understanding and application of AI systems in your business:

AI Opportunity Cards

Download AI Opportunity Cards set
AI Opportunity Cards with insights into diverse AI application scenarios, offering a broad perspective for strategic planning.

Use Case Brief

Download Use Case Brief template
Tailored use cases developed with our experts, considerate of your business’s distinct context and needs.

Consultation with Experts

Technical Consultation, providing personalized guidance on the effective implementation of AI solutions within your organization.

Miro Boards

Digital archive of the workshop’s content on Miro Board, allows you to revisit and deepen your understanding at your own pace.

Explore the AI workshop in more detail and ask your questions.

AI Workshop Program

Phase 1: Introduction to AI
Introducing the participants and diving into the topic of AI. Our technical specialists will talk about the latest capabilities of AI and inspire you with use cases demonstrating its application in various business areas and common pain points.
Phase 2: Business challenge analysis
A critical phase focusing on understanding current business challenges. Participants will write down activities or processes they believe need improvement and then share these with the group.
Phase 3: Solution ideation
Participants will delve into potential applications of AI. Using opportunity cards (visual tools presenting various AI capabilities and scenarios and stimulating problem-solving), they will brainstorm practical AI-driven solutions for the identified challenges, incorporating concepts like natural language processing, AI algorithms, and machine learning.
Phase 4: Detailed use case development
This phase involves developing detailed use cases from the generated ideas. Working in groups, participants will outline each use case, considering business implications, technical feasibility, and ethical considerations.
Phase 5: Conceptual solution synthesis
The concluding phase focuses on synthesizing and prioritizing the developed AI use cases. It involves evaluating each case for its practicality and potential impact, leading to a summary of key insights and defining actionable steps for the most promising solutions.

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