Continuously mastering the latest technologies, Emerline develops top-tier artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that facilitate decision-making, reduce repetitive tasks, and accelerate the overall business transformation.

Our artificial intelligence services and solutions

Leverage our expertise in AI software development to monetize your data, simplify complex tasks, speed up certain business processes, and ensure your business prosperity. You can rely on our professionalism in delivering:

AI consulting and integration services

Whether it is the enhancement of your existing solution or the development of an AI-driven application from scratch, Emerline specialists will provide you with a comprehensive consultation on your desired product and take every step to ensure proper functioning.

Machine learning solution development

Applying our extensive expertise in the development of machine learning solutions, we deliver robust AI applications that allow the gathering of unstructured data to provide our clients with meaningful insights for data-driven decisions.

Business intelligence (BI)

To empower businesses with technologies needed to make smart and quick decisions, we develop BI solutions that contribute to optimization, allow implementing automatic tools for business and performance analysis.

Natural language processing (NLP)

For clients willing to get the most out of the data flows, Emerline offers NLP development services that result in the delivery of solutions capable of analyzing customer feedback and sentiments. It allows enhancing customer engagement and increases satisfaction.

Voice assistant development

To automate time-consuming tasks for clients, our developers create smart voice assistants that recognize speech with the help of NLP technology and take responsibility for repetitive conversations.

Chatbot development

Our teams develop chatbots that act like human beings, allow adding personalization to the offered services, and in this way increase customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Predictive analytics (PA)

Our predictive analytics solutions take advantage of data flows, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to provide your business with meaningful insights and allow you to quickly address all the challenges.

AI technological stack

We keep a finger on the pulse of the latest updates to AI technologies and tools, selecting those that allow us to turn your advanced ideas into software solutions.

Bot platforms
Facebook Messages
Recommendations and prediction

Ready for AI solution development?

Industries we impact with artificial intelligence solutions

Custom AI solutions created by Emerline teams are all addressing the specific needs of the industries our clients are operating in. Our expertise covers the delivery of solutions for:


Banking and Finance



Sales & Marketing


The range of developed solutions includes AI applications for early diagnostics and treatment, nursing assistants, medical chatbots, tools for healthcare system analysis and management of medical records, etc.

Our solutions for FinTech range from software for pattern recognition and fraud detection tools to those utilizing real-time analytics and cognitive technologies for personalization of customer support.

Companies operating in the retail sector can take advantage of such solutions as digital catalogs, recommendation systems, and video analytics for tracking customer behavior and engagement.

Emerline helps e-commerce companies leverage the power of AI with such solutions as virtual agents and assistants, various AI-powered automation tools, predictive analytics and forecasting solutions, etc.

Marketers can take advantage of our expertise in ML development that opens up space for predictive and perspective analytics, as well as our experience in creating tools for AI-powered content creation and personalization of services.

With Emerline solutions for education, businesses can provide more differentiated and personalized learning, implement AI tutoring, get to the arena of global learning, and automate admin tasks.

Business benefits of AI solutions

The implementation of AI-based solutions into business allows overcoming different challenges. The key use cases of the technology are:

  • Reduction of manual data entry, which results in the elimination of human-related mistakes
  • Avoidance of counterfeiting and spam-related issues with their automatic detection
  • Increase in customer retention and satisfaction with virtual assistants, chatbots, and personalization of services
  • Delivery of quick and meaningful insights from the data flows achieved with various ML-powered analytics tools
  • Customer segmentation and value prediction achieved through the implementation of sentiment analysis, analytics algorithms, and forecasting tools
  • Minimization of security-related issues with solutions for pattern recognition and fraud detection

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout our history, we have developed a number of partnerships with technology leaders, who attested our technical competencies and the ability to understand our customers’ needs and translate them into quality services
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23 Reviews on Clutch