Admin Panel and Web Crawler Development

Emerline’s team was responsible for the creation and support of the client’s admin panel, client-side programming of the main client’s solution, and the development of a crawler that gathers information from different sources for its further analysis.



Software development company that automates and streamlines compliance activities

Target Audience

Banking, financial, and insurance firms


A need for quick gathering of compliance data across multiple sources and its further processing


Software that automates, simplifies, and streamlines compliance activities and workflows


The key purpose of the client’s software was to gather compliance data from different sources and then process this information with analytics tools. Also, the client wanted to develop an admin panel.

In this way, our development specialists helped the client with the creation of a crawler for information gathering and the development of the backend of the admin panel. Also, our team was responsible for the frontend of the main application.

Development Approach

Crawler and admin panel development

Our teams took advantage of Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the development of a web crawler and the backend of the admin panel.

Frontend development of the client’s application

To create a user-friendly interface for the client’s application, our developers utilized such technologies as React, Redux, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Highcharts, D3, Jest, and Enzyme.

Support services

Currently, the developed solutions are under support services. Our teams ensure all the needed updates to the developed crawler, so it can be used on websites specified by the client. Some touch-ups to the frontend also take place.

Technology Stack We Used





Amazon Web Services (AWS)











Our project resulted in a successfully developed web crawler that gathers information for its further analysis. Also, the client is provided with the admin panel, enjoying the convenience of the user-friendly interface of its core application. All the services provided are now followed by support, with enhancements made upon the client’s request.

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