Scanner for Docs I Development of a mobile application for document scanning

An iOS solution to scan files in a few clicks, edit them if needed, and provide their convenient digital storage with a tag-based search



Own product

Target Audinece

Any business or person dealing with paper documents


Too much time spent on document search; tons of paper documents stored chaotically; a need for a digital doc scanner and editor


Mobile app


As the transition to a paperless office is inevitable these days, there is a need to convert physical documents into digital formats. In the meantime, when we get lost in dozens of paper docs on a daily basis, whether it be medical prescriptions, car service receipts, or some inheritance stuff, it becomes far easier to store them in one digital place.

To ensure quick doc scanning and editing, and then grant a place for smart document storage, the Emerline team developed a high quality scanner for iOS.

Solution Description

Scanner for Docs is an intuitive app that helps people forget about office scanners, a long way of document sharing and editing, and time spent on a tiresome search for relevant files. The product turns your device into a smart digital office, which makes you more productive during your working day, education time, and daily life.

Any document or note you wish will be scanned in a few taps and converted into PDF or JPEG. As for their further processing, Scanner for Docs provides a range of features below.

Key Features

Fast Image-Based Operations

You can save and share PDF and JPEG documents in one click.

Clear Tag Search

Need to quickly find work invoices or send a medical report to an insurance company? The app allows you to mark the docs with tags for easy navigation and instant search. We provide a flexible document management system in the app, so that users have no issues with sorting and organizing a transparent document storage.

Edit and Filter Effects

After having a scanned copy, you can crop and rotate the file, add or reorder pages if needed, adjust the contrast, convert color photos to black and white, and increase the overall scan quality.

Electronic Signatures

If you need to sign a contract or invoice on your mobile phone or tablet, an e-sign option is available for that aim and lets you leave handwritten digital signatures on your PDF docs. Alternatively, you can add the one from the gallery.

Password Protection

Scanner for Docs protects the confidentiality of documents. Set a password for any chosen document and restrict access to sensitive information.

iCloud Synchronization

Our team opted for an iCloud storage to guarantee the utmost security of your data. Besides, you have access to your docs from any iOS device, wherever you need them.

Tech Stack We Used






There is no need to use hardware or tricky software for document scanning any more — Emerline suggests a free app to simplify your transition to the digital document storage.

Using Scanner for Docs, you will be able to scan anything you require, edit the images, easily share, and store them in a convenient way. So it means that you’ll have a clearly arranged digital document storage easily accessible across all of your iOS devices.

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