White Label E-commerce Portal

White Label E-commerce Portal for Producers of Digital Goods



E-commerce business dealing with digital firms, bloggers, photographers, and other producers of digital goods.

Target Audience

Producers and consumers of digital goods


Absence or inflexibility of a unified solution that would allow selling digital goods.


E-commerce platform adapted to the use on mobile devices that offers easy registration of shops with wide options for their customization.


Emerline was contacted by the client with the idea of creating a white label e-commerce portal. The solution targeted at producers of digital products was supposed to allow them creating individual e-shops in the convenience of a unified platform. Even though the requested solution was a web one, the client also wanted to ensure easy mobile accessibility.

Development Approach

  • At the very beginning, our business analyst worked with the client to collect all the requirements and provide a comprehensive consultation that included detailed analysis of competitors’ solutions.
  • We come to the conclusion that the system needs to be based on Amazon Web Services.
  • Technologies used for the creation of the e-commerce platform were Python and React.
  • The developed solution was integrated with PayPal/ Stripe, Instagram, and Mixpannel.
  • After the solution was released, we proceeded with support services.

Key Features

Key features of the delivered e-commerce portal are:

  • Easy registration of shops
  • Customization
  • Mobile accessibility


Within just 3 months, the client who contacted our team with an idea on a napkin, has received a fully functional solution for e-commerce needs.The developed portal provides its users with an easy registration process, allowing them to quickly set up an online shop and tailor its design to their individual taste and needs. Because the portal can be conveniently accessed both via web and mobile and was created as a white-label solution that can be tailored to any business image, it will continue to grow in value.

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