AR Shopping App

Time-saving mobile solution to let buyers forget about exhausting shopping nightmares and make an easy choice from a large array of options




Target Audience

Retail Businesses


Increase in goods returns, poor customer experience, sales strategy failures, etc.


Mobile shopping app for iOS and Android for increasing customer engagement and revamping user experience through utmost interactivity


Emerline’s team aimed to deliver a mobile app for retail, enhanced with AR features to take the headache out of online shopping.

An ability to visualize and digitally examine a pair of shoes without leaving a comfortable apartment should reduce a product’s return rate.

Another objective was to retain customers and attract new buyers, which turned out to be a hot-button issue during the pandemic.


Mobile shopping app for iOS and Android for increasing customer engagement and revamping user experience through utmost interactivity.

AR tech provides a new way to get familiar with products and contributes to the “experience-before-you-buy” purchasing model, thus minimizing goods returns and attracting new customers.

Development Approach

To deliver the project, our team worked with shoe 3D models provided by the client for all the required objects. To accurately display them on mobile, we converted the necessary data to another format.

Our project goal was to enable the close to reality experience and give the app users an opportunity to enjoy smart and easy shopping. Alternatively, if there is a need to let users “try on” shoes to find the proper size, we know how to put this feature into practice.

Our Contribution

Full cycle project: architecture, design, development, implementation, and support of the solution.

Key Features

Virtual fitting rooms

Shoppers are allowed to try on shoes without even touching them

Photorealistic shoe 3D models

Aiming to contribute to the better shopping experience

360-degree view

Lets the app users put footwear on the floor or table and observe it from all angles

Quick and easy finding of the best shoe model

There’s no need to spend hours on doubts and shoe fitting

Screenshot taking and image sharing options are available

Need advice from your friends or relatives? Welcome!

Technology Stack

Programming Languages




Apple ARKit

ARCore (Android)

Engines and Technologies

Apple SceneKit

Android Sceneform


No more time-consuming shopping or fear that the shoes won’t satisfy your taste after you bring them home. The app users preview the footwear they find attractive, share the images with trusted advisors, and find out that AR shopping can be pure fun.

*What’s about purchasing statistics? *

  • 7%: footwear sales increase
  • 28%: more new buyers
  • 15%: fewer returns
  • 50%: transportation costs reduction
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