Systems That Perfectly Cater to Your Business Needs

Having hundreds of professionals who are experienced in the design and delivery of solutions that address varied business issues, Emerline’s teams provide your company with any type of system you need to succeed on the market.


Unleash enhanced business reporting, improved customer service, efficient information management, greater security, and other benefits offered by ERP systems to enjoy process automation and acceleration along with increased profits.


Take full control of your business information with the CRM systems we deliver. Better customer segmentation, increased retention rates, faster and more productive communications — these are just a few of the numerous reasons to opt for CRM.


Leverage systems for IoT devices developed by Emerline’s professionals to ensure connectivity across all devices your company uses. Receive more valuable data, provide greater security, and enjoy enhanced analytics for faster, smarter, and more accurate business decisions.


Addressing the needs of different industries, we deliver custom learning management solutions that become a perfect fit for our clients, offering anything they need for effective training, learning management, scheduling, planning, information sharing, etc.


Whether there is a need for online telehealth, a solution for the provision of distance medical services, healthcare mobile app, or medical assistant development — the range of telehealth solutions our teams create covers the one your business needs.


Increase trust of your patients, free your medical personnel from a variety of repetitive tasks, take advantage of secure information sharing, unleash the power of analytics, and improve overall service with HIPAA compliant systems we deliver.


Process automation, increased productivity and operational efficiency, elimination of mistakes and ‘human errors’, smarter, data-driven business decisions — your business reaps all these benefits with AI and ML solutions we design.


Whether it is a chatbot for support, customer service, transactional bot, informational chatbot, health assistant, etc., we know how to develop and implement it into your business in a way to give you a sharp competitive edge.


We design advanced AR solutions that allow our clients to take full advantage of impressive experience, whether for training purposes, entertainment, learning, treatment, etc.


Responding to the needs of our clients in highly secure solutions that offer great transparency into the processes to the involved parties, our teams build blockchain-based applications for manufacturers, retailers, healthcare providers, insurance companies, etc.

Our clients

Our remote delivery approach

Remote delivery has always been in the essence of our company’s operations, so we know exactly how to make our clients satisfied with the services on offer.

We always:

  • Deliver on time and within a predefined budget
  • Establish an effective and open communication process
  • Ensure that the development process is transparent to you
  • Take advantage of Design Thinking to create really valuable products
  • Have well-established remote work & security policies
  • Stay in touch with our clients to ensure everything works as planned

Software development company that delivers innovations

We continuously accumulate our expertise and invest in researching and testing the latest technologies before recommending them to our customers.

Augmented reality

Our teams build interactive AR apps using native (ARCore, ARKit, etc.) and cross-platform (Unity) frameworks.

Internet of things

We design solutions equipped with GPS tags and embedded sensors that perfectly manage connected equipment and control IoT devices, like smart wearables.

Machine learning

We apply ML frameworks, such as Core ML and TensorFlow, to solve complicated computational problems like object detection, image classification, and audio recognition.

Location sensing

Enhanced with Beacons and NFC, mobile apps add more to personalization and contribute to exceptional user experience.

How does Emerline work?

Offering full-cycle development services, we always make sure that each stage of the product delivery goes smoothly and does not miss a single detail.

Business requirements gathering
  • Technical requirements
  • Project plan
  • UI sketches
UX/UI design
  • Information architecture
  • UI mockups
  • Graphic assets
  • A number of software releases
  • Project knowledge base
Quality assurance
  • Stable software product
  • Security and privacy audit
Production delivery & support
  • Subsequent project releases

Find out more about how we work, our engagement models, delivery process, and teams.

What our clients say?

We are proud to have earned a reputation of a reliable software development provider, which is supported by feedback received from our clients.


23 Reviews on Clutch

23 Reviews on Clutch