6-8 Sports I Development of Mobile and Web Applications

Web and Mobile App Development for Sports Technology Startup



The lack of objective measurements on athlete development and progress.

Target audience

Athletes, coaches, managers


6-8 Sports. Sports technology startup founded by two Olympians in water polo: Maggie Steffens (3-time Olympian; 2-time Gold medalist; 3-time NCAA Champion) and Tony Azevedo (5-time Olympian; Silver medalist; 4-time MVP NCAA/Pete Cutino & Stanford Grad). The solution provides a platform for collecting data, statistics, and analytics for the sport of water polo.

Our role

Emerline assisted in the creation of a sports mobile app and web application for the water polo games scroing, enriching solutions with new features and contributing to their enhanced performance


Having done some development tasks, the client contacted us (mobile app for iOS and game desk) to improve their features and performance. They wanted us to:

  • Add a range of new features.
  • Develop an application for coaches and managers to allow them to keep records of games and share the statistics on the website.
  • Develop a mobile app for athletes and their parents to track their progress.
  • The key two challenges related to these developments included:
  • Integration with MVP cast — a third-party system that allows cutting the player actions from the broadcasted video to the game highlights for further publishment on a website.
  • Ensuring coverage for a huge load (some games took place simultaneously) and provision of the statistics in real-time.

Solution Description

The solution consists of 3 components that serve different purposes but are connected with each other. These are:

  • Website
  • Game Desk (web and iPad versions)
  • Mobile App

Mobile App for iOS and Android is designed for athletes and their parents. It allows them to keep records and statistics, participate in various challenges, and access video lessons prepared by professional athletes. The Game Desk with web and iPad versions is for coaches and managers. The solution collects data, statistics, and analytics, which then export to the mobile app for individual athletes and their parents to look at. General team scores are broadcast onto a public website so fans can engage with their teams in that way.


  • Emerline fixed and redesigned the client's original products and continues developing and managing them.
  • The mobile app redesigned by Emerline has helped the client reach a global audience, amassing over 30,000 views in the App Store.

Technologies Used










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