App for Wine Collectors

iOS application that allows wine collectors to conveniently and efficiently keep an eye over their bottles.



Wine industry market player

Target Audience

Wine collectors


A need for a solution that would allow an automated and innovative approach to collection curation.


Wine cellar curation solution that opens up space for collection curation with AI, computer vision, and other innovations.


Emerline was contacted by an American company with the idea of developing a wine collection organizing app. The client wanted the product to be capable of connecting to cameras in cellars to provide users of the app with a more automated way of keeping track over their collections.

Development Approach

Our cooperation with the client started after the delivery of PoC (Proof of Concept) from our team, which was approved by investors. In terms of development, our team was responsible for the design of the application and the creation of an app for iOS. For these purposes, we dedicated 2 iOS developers and 2 UI/UX designers.

  • The app was written in Swift.
  • To establish the communication between the app and cameras, we took advantage of AWS with MQTT.
  • Other services we used include Firebase crashlytics, Mixpanel analytics, and CoreData.

Key Features

  • Wine label scanning for wine recognition
  • Connection with cellar cameras
  • Automatic detection of addings/removals from the collection
  • Quick finding of bottles (the app shows where it is stored)
  • Collection reports
  • Smart notifications

Product Description

There are two versions of the app available: a free one and under a subscription plan. A free version allows users to easily add and remove items from their collection list, as well as have access to various reports on the collection. When it comes to the latter, it allows pairing the solution with cameras in cellars where wine bottles are stored to automatically detect all addings/removals of bottles, as well as provide its user with options for bottle scanning (for automatic adding to the collection list) and quick finding of a particular wine bottle.


Within a comparatively short time frame and with minimum resources involved in the development process, our team provided the client with the solution that completely fits all the initial requirements. Our collection organizing app for wine lovers is a unique offering that allows easy and convenient collection monitoring, delivers useful reports, and, being integrated with cameras, minimizes manual processes associated with collection management.

The principle of how the application works can be applied to other collecting cases, whether it’s books, stamps, vinyls, etc. Also, the solution can be seen as an easy-to-use, lightweight, and highly accurate application for small warehouse management. Whatever is the case, our teams will be happy to customize it upon your specific needs.

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