A Webstore for a Fragrance and Home Decor Company

Emerline empowered a Fragrance and Home Decor Company with a cutting-edge worldwide E-commerce platform, streamlining distribution, promotions, and marketing through advanced analytics and brand-focused sub-systems.



A US-based manufacturing and retail company specializing in the worldwide distribution of housewares.

Area of Expertise



Limited online presence, disrupted supply-chain management, and inefficient global product distribution.


A global E-commerce platform with brand-specific sub-systems, offering extensive analytics tools and data.


Our customer, a prominent US-based manufacturing and retail company with a distinguished focus on distributing housewares, encountered a series of challenges that hampered business development. They included:

  • Barriers to sell products worldwide resulting from the absence of a platform that would ensure a global presence.
  • Inefficient global product distribution and issues related to coordinating shipping, managing customs regulations, and ensuring timely deliveries to various regions.
  • Inefficient stock management which resulted in overstocking and understocking.
  • Obstacles in consolidating and interpreting data from various markets.

Addressing these challenges required finding solutions that improved product distribution logistics, optimized stock management processes, facilitated streamlined global promotion strategies, enhanced data analysis capabilities, and ensured consistent and culturally sensitive distribution of marketing content.

Solution Description

Our solution presented an enterprise-grade global E-commerce platform, complemented by brand-specific subsystems enriched with an extensive array of analytics tools and statistical data.

The platform provided the following opportunities:

  • Optimization of distribution through efficient stock-supply management
  • Worldwide promotions configuration
  • A robust dataset for analysis
  • Streamlined marketing content distribution

Key Features

  • Worldwide distribution over a single platform
  • Brand sales representatives sub-systems
  • Cloud scalability over a busy season
  • Personalized promotions
  • Zero-downtime deployment

Technology Stack We Used


Adobe Commerce Cloud


Adobe Commerce 2.4.x

Wordpress 5.x










ERP via MuleSoft








Through our collaboration, we empowered the Customer to transcend challenges and seize unparalleled opportunities in the worldwide distribution of housewares. At the heart of this success story lies the development of a user-centric, visually captivating webstore that not only amplified the brand's identity but also delivered a host of remarkable results.

  • The well designed web store triggered a remarkable 10% surge in sales and revenue.
  • The global reach of the E-commerce platform facilitated the company's expansion into new markets.
  • The platform's engaging features and personalized interactions resulted in a 20% increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Emerline's partnership enabled our client to transcend limitations, rewrite success stories, and craft a future powered by digital innovation. The webstore stands as a testament to the convergence of expertise, technology, and vision, redefining the Customer's journey in the realm of E-commerce. Our commitment extends beyond the initial implementation, offering ongoing support and seamless integration of new features to keep pace with evolving trends.

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