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Emerline ensures a smooth and 100% secure transition from BigCommerce to Magento, effortlessly migrating products, customers, orders, categories, and other related entities.

Advantages of Migrating from BigCommerce to Magento

BigCommerce and Magento (Adobe Commerce) share several key features that make them competitive options in the E-commerce platform market, including robust performance, security measures, and the provision of 24/7 support. Both platforms offer a range of themes and extensions and support various payment gateways.

However, Magento holds some significant advantages over BigCommerce, particularly for businesses aiming for large-scale growth and global reach:

  • Hosting: While BigCommerce operates on a cloud-based model, Magento offers flexibility with on-premises, third-party, and cloud-based hosting options. This flexibility allows businesses to choose a hosting solution that fits their specific requirements and more closely controls their environment.
  • Scalability: Magento is highly scalable, making it an ideal choice for large enterprises or businesses with plans to expand their online presence significantly. In contrast, BigCommerce is typically more suited for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Themes and Extensions: Magento offers a broader selection of customization options, with 14 free themes and over 5,000 extensions, compared to BigCommerce's 12 free themes and 1,000+ extensions.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Unlike BigCommerce, which requires third-party apps for multilingual support, Magento provides built-in multilingual assistance, crucial for seamlessly reaching a global audience without incurring additional costs or complexities.

Challenges of BigCommerce to Magento Migration

A BigCommerce to Magento (Adobe Commerce) migration process is complex and can come with several challenges, especially if you decide to undertake it on your own:

Data migration issues

Migrating product data, customer information, and order history requires careful mapping and validation due to differences in data structures.

Customizations and extensions

Replicating or finding equivalent solutions for customized features and third-party extensions in Magento may necessitate additional development work.

Theme and design adaptation

Adapting your store's theme and design to the Magento platform can be time-consuming, especially if your current design is heavily customized for BigCommerce.

SEO impact

Changing your store's URL structure during migration can affect SEO. Ensuring proper 301 redirects and managing canonical URLs is essential to minimize the impact on search engine rankings.

User authentication

Migrating customer accounts while maintaining password security can be challenging. Customers may need to reset their passwords after the migration.

Given the complexity of the migration process, it’s often best to contact an experienced E-commerce agency or BigCommerce to Magento migration specialist. Emerline can provide professional assistance and help mitigate these challenges, ensure a smoother transition, and provide ongoing support as needed.

Limitations in BigCommerce to Magento Migration

Certain parts can be challenging to transfer directly between the BigCommerce and Magento platforms due to differences in data structures, functionalities, or limitations:

  • Theme and design customizations
  • Third-party integrations
  • Custom scripts and code
  • Platform specific features

These parts sometimes cannot be transferred directly, requiring additional development or configuration work — let Emerline help you seamlessly navigate this process.

Data Protection During Migration

At Emerline, we prioritize the utmost data security during migration, implementing a robust set of practices, technologies, and policies to guarantee a 100% secure transfer process.

Isolated Servers

NDA protection

GDPR compliance

Restricted data access

All data-related processes will be carried on isolated servers located in preferable jurisdictions like the US, EU, UK, AU, etc.

Our commitment to data confidentiality is reinforced by a strict NDA agreement, ensuring your information is not retained after migration and is not used for anything beyond the migration process.

Emerline is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which is a part of EU law dedicated to protecting privacy and personal data.

Only authorized experts can access your data to manage migration requests.


What Data Can Be Transferred from BigCommerce to Magento?

The BigCommerce to Magento migration typically involves transferring the following essential data:

Product data and categories

B2B & B2C User information


Manufacturer data

Coupons and discounts

Reviews and ratings

Product data and categories
  • Product title and description
  • Price
  • Manufacturer
  • URL, meta title, meta keywords, meta description
  • Stock levels, and associated attributes
  • Product categories and subcategories
B2B & B2C User information
  • Account info
  • Contact details
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Order history
  • Account preferences
  • Access and restrictions
  • Order details (product name, order date, status, quantity, etc.)
  • Payment information (payment method, date)
  • Shipping records (shipping address, including country, state, city, zip code)
Manufacturer data
  • Name
  • Description
  • Logo
  • Manufacturer part numbers (MPNs)
Coupons and discounts
  • Coupon codes
  • Coupon title and description
  • Validity period
  • Discount rules
Reviews and ratings
  • Customer review details (customer’s name, created date, title, comment, summary, etc.)
  • Product ratings

Need to transfer your BigCommerce store to Magento or another E-commerce platform? Contact Emerline for a seamless and comprehensive migration service.

Our BigCommerce to Magento Migration Process

To ensure the full migration of a store from BigCommerce to Magento, Emerline experts follow the following steps:


Preparation and planning

  • Assessing your current BigCommerce store
  • Planning the migration
  • Identifying potential challenges.

Data backup and export

  • Backing up your BigCommerce store data
  • Exporting crucial information, ensuring you have a secure copy.

Magento installation and configuration

  • Choosing the appropriate version of Magento 
  • Installing the Magento platform
  • Configuring basic settings such as payment gateways and shipping options.

Data migration

  • Migrate essential transferable data, including products, categories, customer accounts, and order history from BigCommerce to Magento.

Testing and launch

  • Thoroughly testing the Magento store, focusing on critical functionalities
  • Launch the store once testing is successful.

Choose us for a smooth BigCommerce to Magento migration, unlocking enhanced performance and features for your online store.

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