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Have you outgrown your WooCommerce store? Turn to Emerline's WooCommerce to Magento 2 migration service to unlock scalability and performance of Magento solutions.


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Hire Emerline's experts for your WooCommerce to Magento migration and take advantage of our vast experience in crafting custom E-commerce solutions, ensuring a seamless migration process with minimal downtime.

Advantages of Migrating to Magento

The primary reason businesses migrate to Magento (Adobe Commerce) is that they have outgrown the potential of the WooCommerce platform. Magento's appeal to world-leading brands such as HP and Nike, along with its renowned usage across the top 10K to 1M sites globally, underscores its capability to support businesses with expansion ambitions. Unlike WooCommerce, which serves small to medium-sized enterprises well, Magento offers enterprise-level features specifically designed to meet the complex needs of larger companies, including:

  • Advanced scalability, allowing for the management of large volumes of traffic and transactions with ease.
  • Extensive customization options due to its open-source nature and access to 5000+ extensions and 14 free themes.
  • Comprehensive B2B functionality out of the box, including quote requests, custom pricing, and support for quick bulk orders.
  • Global E-commerce support through multi-language and multi-currency options, along with localized payment and shipping solutions.

Choose Emerline for Seamless Migration

With a history of successful projects with Fortune 1000 companies and Silicon Valley startups, Emerline is your ideal partner for migration from WooCommerce to Magento. By choosing us, you can count on:

  • Comprehensive Migration Services covering everything from product details to customer feedback, without data loss.
  • Tailored Strategies to support businesses of any size.
  • Deep Magento Understanding, combined with strict adherence to best practices, to guarantee a quick and efficient migration process.

What data can be transferred from WooCommerce to Magento?

We provide comprehensive data transfer services, covering every type of data you may need for the migration of your E-commerce platform from WooCommerce to Magento:

Product catalog

  • Product details: Names, variants. images, descriptions SKUs, and URLs
  • Categories & metadata: Product characteristics, categories and tagging info
  • Manufacturer information: Selling history, database, product pricing

Inventory & pricing

  • Inventory management: Stock levels, restocking information
  • Pricing rules: Pricing strategies, discounts, and adjustments.
  • Tax rules: Automated tax calculations based on product type and shipping location

Sales and Promotions

  • Order Management: Information on all order statuses (pending, canceled, archived, historic, live).
  • Coupons and Discounts: Details on live coupons, applicability rules, and automated discount calculations.

Customer Insights

  • Customer Data: Names, contact details, autofill information, buying and browsing history.
  • Billing Information: Shipping and delivery addresses, preferred payment methods.

Content and Engagement

  • Content Management: All CMS pages, URLs, website static content including blogs, formatting, images, and the about us page.
  • Localization Data: Language and regional preferences to tailor content.

Marketing and SEO

  • SEO Settings: Strategies for enhancing visibility, including 301 URL redirects.
  • User Reviews: Timestamps, comments, reviewer names.

Secure Magento Migration

Migrating sensitive customer data and payment information always involves significant security concerns. To effectively address these and ensure the safety of both your data and business reputation, we adopt a focused 3-way approach that guarantees maximum end-to-end security and monitoring:

Risk management and data integrity

We perform comprehensive risk assessments to identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities in both the source and target systems, ensuring a secure migration environment. By prioritizing data integrity, we preserve the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of your data throughout every stage of the migration.

Advanced security protocols

Our methodology includes deploying advanced encryption to protect data during its transit and storage, effectively preventing unauthorized access. We enforce strict access controls and multi-factor authentication, continually updating our security policies to stay in line with the latest industry standards and compliance requirements.

Continuous monitoring and incident management

We utilize sophisticated tools to continuously monitor data movement and promptly identify any unusual activities, ensuring consistent protection. Security evaluations, such as penetration testing and vulnerability scans, are performed routinely to ensure consistent protection. We have also established incident response plans to ensure quick and efficient action in the event of security incidents.

Planning to migrate your WooCommerce store to Magento? Entrust the transition to Emerline, and take advantage of our expert guidance and seamless migration solutions.

Migration Scenarios

Manual migration Professional migration services Automated migration
This method is suitable for smaller online stores with a limited number of items. It involves directly copying and pasting data from WooCommerce to the Magento store. This approach is simple but can take a lot of time and is limited in the scope of transferable data. It's an effective option for those with the capacity to manually handle their store's content migration.

For those seeking a more comprehensive solution, professional developer or web agency services present a robust alternative. This option combines the thoroughness of manual migration with the efficiency of automated tools, tailored to cater to both standard and highly customized stores. A professional team takes charge of the entire migration process, ensuring that even the most complex store features are accurately transferred to Magento.

When choosing our Migration services, you benefit from a blend of technical expertise and personalized attention. Our deep understanding of E-commerce migration nuances ensures a successful transition of every aspect of your store to Magento.

Favored for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, automated migration typically offers a faster solution than manual methods. This approach facilitates the migration of categories, customers, orders, products, manufacturers, images, and other content elements. It is especially effective for standard online stores that don't require complex customizations. However, it’s important to note that customized elements or specific store configurations, like target cart rules, cannot typically be transferred using automated tools. Additionally, users should be prepared to address potential unforeseen issues that could occur during the migration process.


Basic Steps of Migration From WooCommerce to Magento

To successfully navigate our customers through the complexities of E-commerce migration, Emerline employs a proven, structured approach that ensures a smooth and tailored transition to Magento.


Preparation and analysis:

  • Assessing the current WooCommerce setup.
  • Defining the migration goals and scope, choosing the entities you want to migrate.
  • Configuring Magento for transition.

Data migration and system development:

  • Transferring data and customer information.
  • Developing custom Magento functionalities.
  • Ensuring platform scalability and robustness.

Design and user experience enhancement:

  • Creating an engaging Magento interface.
  • Enhancing user navigation, interaction and additional options.
  • Aligning design with brand identity.

Comprehensive testing and SEO optimization:

  • Conducting functionality and performance tests.
  • Optimizing the site for SEO.
  • Implementing SEO transition strategies.

Launch and post-launch support:

  • Executing the Magento 2 site launch.
  • Monitoring performance, making adjustments.
  • Providing ongoing support and updates.

Ready to migrate Woocommerce to Magento 2? Let Emerline's expertise guide you for a thorough, worry-free transition.

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Successful E-commerce Projects


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  • Collaboration with Fortune 1000 companies. We are deeply involved in the fruitful collaboration with Fortune 1000 companies
  • No restrictions on the project size. We are flexible in terms of project size and can start working at any stage of your application’s lifecycle.
  • Confidence in the project. Risk and compliance management at any project stage.
  • 80% of our customers turn to us by recommendation

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Emerline has consistently been recognized for its outstanding Magento development and migration services, including the Top Magento Company 2023 award from Clutch as the most recent. We see every such award as a reflection of our commitment to delivering superior E-commerce solutions.
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23 Reviews on Clutch

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