Why BigCommerce is One of the Best Platforms for Enterprise Businesses?

In 2024, the E-commerce global market continues to grow steadily. Despite the absence of double-digit growth rates during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, forecasts indicate a minimum of 8-9% growth until at least 2026. According to Statista, a top-ranked statistics website that gathers data from across 150 countries and 170 industries, global retail E-commerce sales currently stand at $6.31 trillion. There is a projected 9.5% increase in 2024, reaching $6.913 trillion, which points to powerful incentives to innovate and grow in this sector.

Global retail E-commerce sales 2014-2026

Among the popular types of E-commerce software solutions today, including open source, headless, composable tech stack, and SaaS, the latter is the most promising. The share of SaaS-deployed E-commerce software and platforms is projected to dominate 80% of the market by 2033. This projection prompts a closer look at this industry, and we'll explore the main reasons for this popularity surge while discussing the distinctive benefits of one of the best platforms for enterprise online business — BigCommerce.

What Puts BigCommerce Among the Best?

Powering near 45000 live sites worldwide, BigCommerce is a popular software as a service E-commerce solution for businesses of any size. For its enterprise customers, it offers: 

  • Personalized onboarding
  • Catalog transfer services
  • Real-time shipping quotes
  • Robust educational resources
  • Enterprise Account Managers and Technical Account Managers assistance

With tens of thousands of B2C and B2B companies across 150 countries entrusting their online future to BigCommerce, this provider continuously develops its MACH-centered open SaaS E-commerce platform, offering industry-unique tools and services.

Specializing in retail and distribution industries, BigCommerce provides Nike, GitLab, Ubisoft, and Skullcandy with exceptional security and scalability, powerful SEO tools integration, and comprehensive multichannel and omnichannel capabilities. Here's why they chose BigCommerce:

Increased cost transparency

Cost transparency is an ultimate advantage to any company, allowing it to plan its budget with peace of mind. And while all SaaS E-commerce platforms are provided through fixed-price subscriptions, a few significant metrics, like API calls, are usually paid separately according to their amount. Here, the BigCommerce Enterprise subscription really shines, offering unlimited API calls with an impressive 400 calls in a minute rate. This empowers your company with unmatched scalability and makes your budget planning surprise-free.

Fully API-driven

Since more than 90% of its data is exposed to the API, the BigCommerce platform offers near-limitless scalability and customization potential. Such adherence to the API-first model and MACH architecture (microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless) in general empowers you to utilize the benefits of headless, composable, and open-source solutions along with all the pros of the SaaS model. This empowers expansive customization opportunities to build every crucial feature you need today or might need in the future. These capabilities enable you to efficiently outsource any phase of the BigCommerce store development process, reducing the average time to market and allowing you to prioritize your efforts on what matters most.

Robust catalog

Every online store needs a product catalog, and BigCommerce Enterprise offers one of the industry's largest default catalogs, with 600 SKUs per product. This is a huge advantage for customers with big catalogs and, again, a great scalability feature, leaving you with growth opportunities without adding additional products. 

Cutting-edge MSF capabilities 

Recently updated powerful enterprise-grade multi-storefront functionality provides customers with comprehensive omnichannel marketing tools to create localized experiences with unique content and settings for each storefront, including:

  • Tailoring content across product catalog, storefront pages, cart, checkout, orders and transactional emails.
  • Creating unique pricing, coupons and promotions for each storefront.
  • Controlling SEO strategy across pages, categories and products for each storefront.
  • Setting localized language, payments, currency, tax and shipping options.

Combine the foregoing with build-in professional reporting tools and SEO capabilities, the strong support of multi-channel marketing capabilities, the abandoned cart saver, and a 99.99 uptime rate, and there will be no more doubts that BigCommerce Enterprise can not only accommodate all your today's business needs but also provide your project with the solid foundation for future growth at any pace.

In conclusion

BigCommerce stands out as one of the premier choices for enterprise businesses in the ever-expanding E-commerce landscape. Whether you're an established enterprise or planning for future growth, BigCommerce provides the solid foundation needed for enterprise-level success. Yet choosing the right technology for your unique project might go beyond the described advantages. To explore every available option, visit Emerline's Custom E-commerce Development page, where we share over ten years of expertise in E-commerce solutions.

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