Healthcare Marketplace Platform

Web and mobile portal that connects service providers (businesses offering medical, dental, or beauty services) to their potential customers. The latter determine how much they are willing to pay for a treatment or beauty procedure.




Target Audinece

Service providers


A need for a marketplace solution giving a fresh view on price setting and working like an auction platform for service (health or beauty) providers.


Healthcare marketplace platform to enable efficient customer-provider interaction


Aspiring to change a traditional approach to price setting, our customer reached out to us with the idea to create an innovative solution for healthcare providers and their customers, allowing placing bids to medical services.

The main goal of the client was to provide a user-friendly and flexible solution that would give people an opportunity to get services for the price they consider fair.

Solution’s Description

The portal works as follows:

  • Its users leave requests for a health, beauty, or dental procedure, while introducing the prices they can afford to pay and showing maximum acceptable distance to a service provider.
  • Physicians, medical centers, or beauty studios that are registered in the system and provide the selected service receive the request and accept it in case the posted price works for them.

Our online healthcare marketplace solution functions like an auction platform — physicians, hospitals, or beauty salons are free to decide whether they find the price suggested by users commercially profitable.

Mobile App

As there was a need to instantly receive requests from service consumers and accept them in real time, the Emerline team created a mobile solution together with the implementation of the web platform.

The adaptation of the interaction scenarios to mobile covered:

  • Push notifications. They picture the latest requests from users and favor prompt reactions from service providers;
  • Stripe and Twilio for authentication using SMS with the aim to gather credit card details in a secure way;
  • Overlay hints to simplify making any request.

Key Features

Location tracking

Easy and precise geolocation of healthcare facilities and beauty centers

Protection of personal data and privacy

Smooth authentication to securely collect credit card information

Mobile app

Mobile application support

Analytics and testing

Range of analytical and A/B testing service integrations


Simple and flexible content management system

Technology Stack We Used








Python (Django)

PostgreSQL (+ PostGIS)





Google Analytics





The online healthcare marketplace platform delivered by the Emerline team turned out to be an innovative solution providing a fresh view on price setting. Its users announce their prices for a service requested, and medical centers or beauty salons quickly decide whether it is a good deal for them.

So the solution combines a chance to save money with the distance a user is ready to cover in order to get the best price-to-value.

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