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Planning a Magento migration? Choose Emerline's WordPress to Magento 2 services for a seamless and fast transition to a scalable, feature-rich store.


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Hire Emerline's experienced Magento developers to leverage our comprehensive E-commerce expertise, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to Silicon Valley startups, ensuring you take the utmost advantage of your WordPress to Magento migration.

Reasons Behind Magento Migration

The primary reason for transitioning from WordPress to Magento (Adobe Commerce) lies in Magento's strategic advantage in fostering business growth and scalability. Many websites begin their E-commerce journey with WordPress, but soon find themselves limited by the platform's capabilities. By migrating to Magento, businesses aim to harness the scaling potential of this open-source platform, along with its superior performance and extensive customization freedom, proven by industry giants like Nike or HP.

Building on top of our 10+ years of experience in custom E-commerce development, Emerline can confidently guide your transition from WordPress to Magento. Our migration experts, seasoned in many projects across the USA and Western Europe, will not just perform a seamless migration, but provide you with a solid base for your future growth. Our comprehensive migration process ensures that every aspect of your online store – from data integrity and theme consistency to extension replication and SEO preservation – will be delivered in your modern Magento solution.

What Data Can Be Transferred From WordPress to Magento?

Emerline's Magento migration services encompass transferring all important data types from your WordPress store, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transition to the Magento platform:

Product data

  • Basic & variant details, including variants, names, images, SKUs, URLs, and descriptions.
  • Categories & manufacturer information, which covers product categories with metadata and manufacturer database details like history and product pricing.
  • Special product types & relationships, featuring grouped, downloadable, virtual products, along with related tags, products, up-sells, and cross-sells.

Content and CMS data

  • All CMS pages with associated content details and URLs.
  • Website static information, such as formatting, blogs, images, 'about us' pages.
  • Localization Data, catering to different languages and regions.

Customer and user data

  • Comprehensive customer profiles, capturing contact details, names, autofill information, and buying/browsing history.
  • Billing and shipping information, detailing stored cards, addresses, payment methods.

Transactional and order data

  • Detailed order data with statuses (canceled, pending, historic), complete product and pricing details, status history, comments.
  • Coupon and payment details, specifying coupon applicability, rules, and payment method information.

SEO and marketing data

  • SEO settings such as 301 redirects.
  • Marketing data, including reviews with timestamps, comments, and reviewer names.

Pricing, tax rules and inventory

  • Pricing and inventory rules, containing price, special price, sale price from-to date, stock status, manage stock etc.
  • Taxing-related information, detailing tax rules, tax class, and tax rates.

Migration Options Overview

Manual migration Professional migration services Automated migration
This method is well-suited for smaller stores with limited inventory. It involves a straightforward but time-intensive process of manually copying and pasting the data you want to migrate from WordPress to Magento. While this approach does not support the transfer of all data types, it is a practical option for those who prefer direct control over their content migration.

This approach is the most comprehensive, combining the precision of manual migration with the speed of automated tools, all under professional guidance. Whether your store is a standard setup or a highly customized WordPress installation, this method ensures a thorough and effective transfer of all store features to Magento.

Emerline's WordPress to Magento 2 migration services offer a swift, end-to-end solution tailored to your needs. You gain the advantage of our technical expertise and profound understanding of E-commerce migration nuances, all leading to a seamless, successful transition of your entire store to the Magento platform with no downtime and maximum efficiency.

Renowned for its quickness and efficiency, automated migration typically outpaces manual methods. Perfect for standard online stores transitioning from WordPress, it handles the migration of products, customers, orders, categories, images, and other essential content elements. However, it's crucial to note that specific WordPress customizations or configurations might not be amenable to automated tools, and unexpected challenges could arise during the migration.

Security Measures During Migration

To uphold the utmost security during the migration process, which includes handling sensitive customer data and payment information, we have developed a comprehensive security framework. This multifaceted approach ensures end-to-end protection, safeguarding your data and business reputation at every step:

Comprehensive risk management

We begin with in-depth risk assessments targeting both source and destination systems. This process helps us to identify and neutralize potential vulnerabilities, creating a secure migration environment. Our focus on maintaining data integrity throughout the migration process ensures the completeness, accuracy, and consistency of your data.

Implementation of advanced security measures

Our strategy includes the application of sophisticated encryption protocols for data at every stage of migration, safeguarding against unauthorized access. By implementing stringent access control measures and multi-factor authentication, we ensure a robust security posture. Our security protocols regularly undergo revisions to align with evolving industry standards and compliance requirements.

Proactive monitoring and rapid incident response

Throughout the migration process, we employ advanced tools for continuous monitoring, enabling us to detect and address anomalous activities swiftly. Routine security evaluations, encompassing penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, are performed to consistently safeguard and maintain the integrity of the migration process. Should a security breach happen despite all precautions, our incident response protocols are in place to ensure a quick and effective resolution, thereby significantly diminishing any potential impacts.

Ready to upgrade from WordPress to Magento? Trust Emerline to navigate your migration with precision and expertise.

Basic Steps of WordPress to Magento Migration

Emerline experts follow a meticulously structured approach to provide our clients with an effortless and personalized migration from WordPress to Magento. Proven strategies and keen attention to detail ensure that migration is perfectly adjusted to your unique requirements and future goals.


Preparation and analysis

This step involves assessing your current WordPress setup, defining precise migration goals and scope, and configuring Magento to facilitate the transition.


Data migration and system development

In this phase, we focus on the meticulous transfer of data and customer information, along with the development of tailored Magento functionalities, ensuring your platform is scalable and robust.


Design and user experience enhancement

Our aim here is to craft an engaging Magento interface, improve user navigation and interaction with additional features, and align the design to resonate with your brand identity.


Comprehensive testing and SEO optimization

We conduct extensive functionality and performance testing, optimize your new site for search engines, and apply SEO migration strategies.


Launch and post-launch support

The final stage encompasses the smooth launch of your Magento 2 site, ongoing performance monitoring with necessary adjustments, and continuous support and updates.

Ready to migrate from WordPress? Allow Emerline's expertise to steer you towards a comprehensive and hassle-free migration.

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Emerline's excellence in Magento development and migration services has been consistently acknowledged, most recently by receiving the Top Magento Company 2023 award from Clutch. Every award we earn serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier E-commerce solutions.
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23 Reviews on Clutch

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