Digest #5: What's Going on in Tech This Summer?

Here we are with the 5th edition of the tech digest. Keep your finger on the pulse of the summer tech news together with Emerline!

World of Trends 

Coronavirus news remains essential — as soon as the pandemic isn't going to give up the positions, the companies compete to present the solutions that make a difference in the fight against the disease spread. 

Finnish tech startup Oura, famous for its wellness-tracking ring, has given it the power of predicting coronavirus at an early stage. The ring's functions (originally, the solution was aimed to show its users a comprehensive picture of their health status) turn out to be the 'reporters' of illness. 

Here is the logic of the ring's predictions — any single shift in the users' health scores could mark the beginning of the disease. The ring acts as a competent physician and tracks COVID-19 symptoms within the accuracy of 90%. Learn more about hidden superpowers of the Oura ring here

Unfortunately, the other diseases do not disappear from the stage, which motivates people to explore new and effective ways to overcome illnesses. The eternal cancer topic goes on making specialists leverage the potential of innovative tech, like machine learning and computer vision algorithms, for winning the battle against cancer. 

Israeli startup Nucleai is one of the organizations that use AI not only because of its trendy concept. The AI-powered system developed by Nucleai is capable of creating models of tumors, which helps physicians suggest relevant treatment, better predict the reactions to the particular treatment course, and save precious time while making the diagnosis.

Going beyond cancer and finding the ways to treat other diseases are among the company's ambitious plans. How else do they intend to keep up? Here are some insights.

Mobile Stories

The idea of making interior design a piece of cake is not new — today, more and more apps transform a tiresome process of choosing furniture items and guessing which one will dress up your room into a pure fun. Modsy is getting with the program, launching its iOS mobile app to simplify 3D interior design. 

As the overall tendency is achieving utmost simplicity, 3D room scanning and reconstruction processes are making the designers' lives much easier, thus becoming a new fashion frontier.

Here is a proof that creating 3D layouts is no longer a head-scratcher. Meanwhile, Emerline also focuses on the quick and easy creation of scanned 3D rooms, while making the most out of the LiDAR technology. If you are interested in the technical constituents of the 3D layout creation, the Emerline's blog post is ready to give you more details about LiDAR and its contribution to smart 3D scanning

We have already clearly demonstrated the value of mobile health for organizations, patients, and physicians. Now let's look closely at the remote regions where m-health solutions matter because of the lack of quality healthcare assistance. Ghana, for instance, experiences huge gaps in medical service availability, but actively uses m-health opportunities to take care of the health of the citizens. 

The affordability of m-health services is an absolute necessity as today's picture clearly shows the shift in target audience towards the poor. Africa and m-Health are becoming to form a perfect match.

In the Cloud 

Amazon Web Services welcomes a new member of its Snow Family ― AWS Snowcone is a compact device for data transfer and secure edge computing. Having several layers of security encryption, it is mainly targeted at IoT scenarios, notable for its portability, and powered by battery packs. AWS provides a detailed explanation of how the smallest Snow representative works. Wanna see

Deutsche Bank opts for the provider to move part of their workloads and data to the cloud. To accelerate its digital transformation strategy, the bank is improving its IT architecture, while migrating to the cloud. Collaboration with Google Cloud marks an important step in creating new business models and bringing AI, ML, and data analytics to banking processes for providing better customer service. Is a crucial transformation of the banking sphere coming? The plans are ambitious, at least.

Startup Arena

Here is some news about acquisitions. During the unstable times, it's a good deal for startups to join a larger team and strengthen their positions. At the same time, it positively impacts the enterprise, too.

This has been a short story about Slack buying Rimeto. The latter has invented a sound algorithm of searching the employees across the whole company, while the former has considered it as a lucky chance to enhance their search mechanisms. Well, that's what people call a 'win-win'.

UI/UX Vibes

First impressions are half the battle, so trying to replicate a user interface from the rival seems not a very good idea. Keep in mind the uniqueness of your app's UI, even if its functions are one of a kind. JioMeet, a video-conferencing application, started with quite a dubious idea, while taking a Zoom's UI as a basis for theirs. After the stream of criticism, the company had to revamp the design completely. Only time will tell whether this Zoom alternative will survive. 

Software Testing and QA Updates

What's going on in the software testing world today? Influenced by the current global situation, open source testing tools have grasped the attention of different industries, and not because of the cost pressures. Will the open source testing evolve or is it a seasonal peak? Key insights from the State of Open Source Testing report will clear the things up a bit. 

DevOps Insights

Remote delivery is on everyone's lips today. DevOps is about strong collaborative practices. The question is how to adhere to high DevOps standards without sacrificing quality during the remote work. It's not a utopian dream — some pieces of advice will help to avoid DevOps-related issues. 

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