Tech Resolutions for Businesses to Consider in 2020

2019 is almost gone. Let’s stop for a while around the turn of the year and grasp some resolutions to implement in 2020. May all your business objectives come true in the coming year! Simply mind the core areas that will drive your business forward.

Cybersecurity: be up in arms against attacks

Stay alert: cyberattackers are using much more sophisticated methods than ever before and have a thirst for sensitive data. Moreover, both big corporates (banks and financial institutions) and SMEs attract their attention today.

Get a step ahead of cybercriminals — invest in the latest security software solutions. Engage a skillful security team in the data protection process.

Breakthrough security tech and relevant cybersecurity knowledge are equally essential; therefore do not ignore the issue-related trainings to promote cybersecurity awareness. This is a basic, yet sound way to protect your company.

Artificial intelligence: feel free to integrate AI in any area

AI is not only about Siri or about Alexa. Artificial intelligence is scaled up across the enterprises and covers a bunch of automation tasks, like monitoring, image/video recognition, planning, or predictions, thus assisting enterprises in improving their bottom line. Overall, artificial intelligence tech is becoming more democratized, as more small AI tools occur.

Whereas AI solutions tend to be simpler to utilize, staff needs to be prepared for the massive AI implementation. Artificial intelligence technologies do NOT replace humans — we are talking about inclusion and augmentation.

Workforce retraining with the aim to implement a holistic approach to AI adoption is challenging and time-consuming, but it is fully worth it. A mix of strategic human vision and AI power is a key to delivering exceptional customer experience.

5G: catch the wave of mobile innovation

Don’t think of 5G as a mere hype. It’s a number one tech that will affect mobility in 2020 and transform a wireless network.

With its unprecedented speed, 5G claims to be a new standard and manifest a huge potential for industrial IoT. It will be a gradual process, though; 5G will be combined with IoT in urban areas first and then spread across remote places.

XaaS: if you offer everything as a service, you’ll come up trumps

Everything-as-a-Service, or XaaS, has all chances to turn into mainstream in 2020. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your customers better flexibility, freedom of choice, and attractive options. This multifaceted approach includes PaaS (platform-as-a-service), IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service), and SaaS (software-as-a-service).

A pure-as-a-service model combines the pros of all services mentioned below and lets you increase agility, scale with ease, and get built-in security from the cloud.

Digital customer experience: lead a digital transformation for better CX

Utmost personalization, a rich choice of digital channels and tools for easy self-service and smooth interaction, or attractive offers are among the features that digital transformation gives to more and more demanding customers.

Go on transforming your business in a digital way — adhere to the mobile-first approach (customers are prioritizing online purchases), use AI for providing individualized customer experience, opt for chatbots on the way to enhanced efficiency, and be ready to amaze.

You have all the power here to achieve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Just remember to choose the right software!

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