Digest #2. There Is Never Too Much IT News

We keep on exploring the sea of tech news and publications to pick up the most trendy and exciting updates in IT.

World of Trends

We are one step closer to using intelligent movie gadgets and unbelievable vision technologies.

Mojo Vision is actively designing their new smart lens which will boast the elements of augmented reality. The breakthrough lens will project light in front of the user’s eye and display, for instance, health tests and statistics or other data the user needs. With the advanced security protocols, the user’s data and data-related manipulations will be protected from malware and cybercriminals. The company plans to market the lens in a couple of years.

Mobile Stories

Good news to everyone following mobile trends! Lately, Bloomberg has quoted a source familiar with Apple’s plans and releases. According to the report, Apple intends to launch a new model of iPhone which will be smaller and cheaper. The approximate date of the release is March 2020. As for the details about the new iPhone, the report only mentions that the gadget will have a small 4.7-inch screen, making it a little larger than the original 4-inch iPhone SE, which was modeled after the iPhone 5.

Mobile technologies are trusted to power a new sphere where high responsibility and security matter, and it’s a good omen. The upcoming Board of Supervisors election in the King County Conservation District (it contains Seattle) will be remarkable for mobile voting. The technology is supported by Amazon Web Services. It can be used by 1.2 million voters in the Feb.11 election. To vote, citizens enter their name and date of birth on the Democracy Live portal using their smartphones. They cast their ballots using Democracy Live’s OmniBallot and submit them electronically.

In the Cloud

Media claim that Microsoft spreads their geography of data centres adding a new country to the list of their Azure customers. Indeed, in 2021, Microsoft is planning to launch a new cloud data centre region in Israel. The region is expected to start with Azure and follow with Office 365. The list of the customers using Microsoft's cloud in the new region will include such remarkable companies and institutions as Sheba Hospital, Tel Aviv Municipality, eToro (a company focusing on cryptocurrencies), and Jfrog (a DevOps services provider).

Startup Arena

As 1.6 billions tons of food worth $1.2 trillion is wasted every year, the founders of the Crisp platform promise to address the problem with improved food demand forecasting. According to the management of the project, the top reason for such frightening food waste numbers is the lack of effective communication and seamless data flow among the supply chain members. Crisp is designed to integrate with almost any ERP software used by supply chain players.

The platform gets historical data from food brands and combines it with such demand drivers as seasonality, holidays, price sensitivity, marketing campaigns, weather and more. Combining these data points and historical sales data, Crisp prepares improved demand forecasting on certain products over a selected period (day, week, month or year).

UI/UX Vibes

A minor change in UI can help you save millions of users, and here’s how. Lately, Bing has noticed that some users experienced missed clicks while pressing the search button. The company introduced a UX change to improve their search box. As soon as the form and the search box have the same background color, some users just didn’t know they were clicking on the margin of the search box instead of the active field. Bing widened the margins of its search box to reduce non-clickable space. Although the change is almost invisible, it’s likely to drive user satisfaction.

Software Testing & QA Updates

The idea of enhancing software testing with machine learning techniques is becoming real. Startup Launchable is planning to launch the engine which will speed up the testing process and enable specialists to run only meaningful tests. The technology uses machine learning algorithms to select the most relevant tests for every particular case and calculate the likelihood of failure for each test. The engine will help to improve integration testing and pull request validation.

DevOps Insights

Launched in 2015, DevOps Dozen is an annual award to honor the leaders and innovators in the DevOps community. The award features 12 categories including Best DevOps Solutions Provider, Best DevOps Transformation Leader, Top DevOps Evangelist, and more. The finalists are chosen by public voting. The winners are selected by the judges (Jayne Groll of the DevOps Institute and Mitchell Ashley of Accelerated Strategies this year). The full list of the winners is available via the link.

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