Online Collaboration Tools Improve Team Productivity and Efficiency. Any Proof?

Generally, online collaboration solutions are promoted as office productivity tools to boost team efficiency dramatically. It is challenging to measure their value, so we have to take such inspiring statements on trust. Or not?

As Emerline has been tightly working on the development, optimization, and adding new features to several online collaboration tools, we know such products inside and out and are ready to give you a tour of their opportunities.


  • The functionality of online collab tools can go far beyond mere task management and task progress tracking. Online collaboration tools’ business models should be geared to accumulating killer features related to filling platform with content, which, in its turn, lets companies automate, manage, and easily monitor the execution of any business process they wish.

    Need to arrange innovation management processes?

Intend to accurately follow the Objectives and Key Results strategy?

Plan to optimize business venture plans or enhance product management?

Going to create your own business process and manage it?

Right online collaboration tools have the power to assist with all of these objectives.

  • Applying our platform expertise, we have managed to deliver highly scalable and flexible tools — their users are free to configure the systems according to their needs. Choosing a platform nature for such systems will guarantee boundless extension points if required.

  • At its core, such solutions provide a set of predefined templates for diverse business areas and tasks (marketing strategy, design thinking, change management, etc.). Simply speaking, one can utilize online collab tools as organizers, visibility tools to provide top management with the quarter results and key metrics, or dashboards with the diagrams showing the earnings growth.

We recommend to complement functional capacities with the tech and architectural features below:

Extensible widget framework

Each visual element in the system works as a separate widget, whereas the system is scalable in the number of widgets. Users can either create their own or utilize third-party widgets.

Data linking

It’s the ability of widgets to synchronize and share the data. Strategically, it allows users to create so-called summary boards with the statistics on all or selected projects.


When the system operates as SaaS (Software as a Service) and adopts a multitenant approach (a single instance of the software solution serves many customers), it protects customers’ data and prevents their leakage between tenants.


Bottom Line — do such solutions really function as team productivity tools?

When you question the usefulness of online collaboration tools for business and wonder how to improve team productivity, mind the major pros the solutions can give:

First, the tools are about flexibility and collaboration. Many people can work simultaneously on one and the same board, cover the tasks they are responsible for, generate ideas, and add vital data. The more employees involved, the more it benefits progress.

Endless integration possibilities enable reducing the number of tools you use thus simplifying and optimizing data management processes. Any data from Google Spreadsheets, Trello, Jira, Office 365, or other systems you choose are brought together in one solution. It avoids a tiresome search of information across multiple sources and saves your time.

However challenging and sector-specific a business case may be, platform solutions make it possible to cover any.


If there are questions on the implementation of online collaboration tools for business, Emerline will gladly consult you on the strategic issues and development peculiarities.  

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