How Tech Innovations Evolve When Applied to Real Life

Lists of Top Tech Trends 2019 are ready and published on multiple sources. Gartner and Deloitte experts are unanimous in their belief that AI is no longer a luxury when it comes to the development process. They both note the increased attention towards security issues. Forbes anticipates a Blockchain ‘rehab’.

Blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, or digital twins are still on everyone’s lips. Nothing weird. It is not about the tech or area per se that is changing — adjustments concern the focus and application fields.

Here is a quick guide on what has been amended as the result of trends’ adaptability to the world’s needs. A view to the customer comes to the forefront.

Artificial intelligence: tighter connection with IoT

AI passes from a buzzword to the critical business need. IoT contributes to transforming AI-enabled tools from assistants to the solutions with higher automating capacities.

Various industries will prosper as the boosted computing performance lets AI easily go through outlier detection, real-time monitoring of assets and products, or root cause analysis. Generally, humans have more time for business concepts, while AI-based solutions speed the development process and favor right business decisions.

Automation: AutoML in the foreground

Aiming to reimagine and optimize customer experience, businesses opt for Auto Machine Learning, or AutoML. This automated process is responsible for algorithm selection, exploring patterns, giving suggestions, etc. That is how the evolution of ML models looks like — AutoML tools work for pleasing customers.

Blockchain: less hype, more privacy

Briefly about Blockchain. When the dust has settled, key areas to improve the tech have become evident. Two challenges for Blockchain as a concept are privacy and security. Cases of Blockchain hacking resulted in the need of digital identity and enhancing confidentiality. Let’s wait for new breakthroughs in tech which will prevent security breaches.

Augmented reality… or an Extended Reality (XR) component?

XR as an umbrella term for VR, AR, and MR is growing strong — the lines between these three terms are already blurred. XR does shape the future of retail and e-commerce in 2019 and beyond. World famous brands like Amazon and IKEA give their customers a chance to enjoy virtual products in real-world environment without making a single step. A mobile phone is the only thing needed.

Overall, practical apps will go on dominating.

DevSecOps: a syllable for greater security

DevOps is smoothly turned to DevSecOps and gains one more syllable as well as security practices within the process. More IT organizations admit that security is their responsibility. Risk assessment and risk management, thread modeling, and cybersecurity management become integral parts of any product development procedure.

It is a good chance of embedding security culture and implementing strong cybersecurity practices into the company’s mindset.

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