Emerline works with Espresa, an advanced employee programs automation platform

Transformation of HR processes

Managing human resources today is much more than a hiring process and salary determination. To ensure your company is doing great, among other things, means to hire and retain top talent, and to support them in investing their abilities into your business growth. We are seeing a rise in companies providing better working conditions for their teams thus fighting for the brightest and the smartest on the market.

Analyzing our experience at Emerline, we can say that competition for the talent can be hindered by the challenges with employee engagement, talent retention, and HR processes automation. A lot of companies develop employee benefits programs but struggle to deliver them quickly and qualitatively.

At the same time, we see that the use of technology is changing the way businesses compete for employees’ satisfaction and motivation. Big players set up trends and others follow – they utilize software solutions to help provide opportunities for maintaining work-life balance, organize a comfortable workplace, and ensure involvement into company’s day-to-day life.

Introducing a technology solution to resolve problematic issues

For us, an opportunity to tackle the most common pain-points of employee engagement and motivation came from Emerline’s technology partnership with Espresa, a Silicon Valley startup that had an idea of a web and mobile platform that would create a new competitive edge for companies in their HR activities.

The product Espresa had in mind, promised to bring value to companies by providing their employees with an easy access to corporate benefits programs, wellness and fitness activities, reimbursement programs, events and internal interest groups. At the time, the idea was very new. As a technology partner, Emerline was presented with a challenge to implement a solution that would live up to this idea. An unfamiliar business model had to be adopted to suit dozens of diverse businesses.

Having done much investigation and preparation, the team collected business requirements for the platform. It should be a comprehensive platform uniting businesses, their employees, and third party service providers. Using the solution, companies should be able to offer workers onsite services during the normal 9 to 5.

The technical part had to meet business requirements to a point. Working with Emerline, Espresa built a practical solution consisting of a web application as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms so that users could order services on any platform of their choice.

Today, Espresa has grown into an efficient platform used by Silicon Valley’s most prominent companies. It allows businesses, regardless of size and number of offices, to provide their employees with more support and care. An employer can take an active part in making their team’s day-to-day life much easier by releasing people from everyday household chores, engaging them in improving their health, fostering interaction between company divisions. The list goes on and is limited only by a budget that is spent on employee programs in a particular company.

Our experience in adopting Espresa’s employee engagement model

At the beginning of 2017, the Emerline team started to use Espresa as a customer. Since then, we have been doing both, exploring opportunities the platform provides for employee engagement, and gathering our own team-members’ experience, ideas, and feedback to improve the product. We became the first European company to adopt the platform, and we are positive it’ll benefit the EU businesses as well as it did the US ones.


Having cooperated closely with European customers, we see them working hard to tackle talent acquisition challenges. Companies we work with in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Netherlands put a lot of effort into competing for the best specialists through employee engagement programs. That is where Espresa fits right into this trend as a solution to employee engagement and retention issues. As the European HR sector tends to be very receptive to digital transformation, the capabilities of the platform might be used to establish a better dialog between businesses and their team-members.

Indeed, in a competitive marketplace, Espresa can provide companies with an opportunity to use technology and organize work environment with a better work-life balance, to scale and automate employee programs, and to reduce time spent on such programs deployment. It works as a link between the corporate units and each individual employee, the link that improves employees’ job satisfaction, productivity, and a sense of loyalty to the company.

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