AI Workshop: Solving Business Challenges With Artificial Intelligence

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword, constantly making headlines with its advancements and innovations. Such an abundance of information can sometimes blur the real benefits of AI, especially if seeking practical applications. Searching for meaningful answers to questions like, "What specific AI algorithms and technologies should businesses focus on to secure a competitive advantage?" or "What precautions must be taken when devising implementation strategies?" is challenging but crucial for business leaders.

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To address these questions with actionable solutions for diverse businesses, we regularly perform AI workshops, one of which was hosted at the LeverX Innovation Forum in Miami. As always, our goal was to clearly explain modern AI and demonstrate how it can create value for businesses. With our team's support, participants across manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and energy sectors crafted tailored AI integration strategies. We invite you to explore the highlights from this AI Workshop and discover how these insights can transform your business approach.

Meet Our Experts

Four experts from Emerline, each bringing deep knowledge from their respective fields, led and provided direction for the workshop:

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  • Nataliya, our Senior UX Researcher, and a certified Design Thinking Coach took on the moderation process. Her extensive experience spans IT, manufacturing, and education sectors, employing a human-centered design approach to deeply understand user experience.
  • Dmitry, the Head of our Design Department and leader of the LeverX AppHaus Team, shared insights from his decade of experience in design and project management. He detailed the critical role of user experience as an indispensable element of the success of any solution.
  • Vitali, our Head of Innovation and Mobile, covered AI concepts and trends, leveraging his 14+ years of mobile app development and data science expertise.
  • Siarhei, the Head of Automated Information Systems Development, discussed his experience with web and cloud applications, focusing on the challenges and strategies for AI systems implementation.

Workshop Recap: Transforming Insights Into Bespoke AI Solutions

Dmitry began the workshop by introducing the presenting team and outlining the agenda for the session. Next, we invited the participants to introduce themselves. We enjoy integrating gamification into our process to foster a relaxed atmosphere and promote active engagement. On this occasion, participants were encouraged to draw a piece of candy from a bag and share a particular fact, such as vacation plans or a hobby, linked to the candy's type.

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Vitali then took the stage, exploring the evolution of AI, highlighting current trends, and discussing the challenges confronting the sector. He presented the rich experience of LeverX and Emerline in crafting state-of-the-art AI solutions for a wide range of industries. Vitali provided the participants with a theoretical framework across machine learning, natural language processing, generative AI, data science, and artificial intelligence, showcasing them in real-world examples.

After the presentation, Nataliya prompted participants to list their top three business challenges, preparing for active problem-solving. Then, through group discussion, we identified common pain points and set the stage for the brainstorming session.

Nataliya and Vitaly introduced Opportunity Cards, a special tool that allowed participants to dive deeper into the topic of AI and explore how various AI solutions are applied to solve specific business challenges. Inspired by these solutions, participants were encouraged to match their challenges to the relevant opportunity cards, generating ideas for feasible scenarios to address them.

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We took a short coffee break to recharge before proceeding to the workshop's most creative and engaging part. Informal discussions naturally gravitated towards solutions and challenges, with participants posing questions and sharing valuable insights about potential AI applications. This was very helpful in forming groups that would soon work on creating tailored AI strategies.

Refreshed and ready for action, we proceeded. Participants split into groups to work on one of the four solutions: Extended Reality Compressor Repair, AI Assistant, KPI Engine, and Data Maintenance Assistant. Through collaboration and consultations with experts, they filled out Use Case Briefs—a handy template we prepared to streamline the development of detailed concepts for their future prototyping and testing. Each group developed a clear vision for their solution, detailing target roles, value propositions, and key operational steps of the solution.

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After concluding the workshop with applause, feeling both exhausted and satisfied, we went to lunch, where our engagement continued with further questions and planning for the newly designed solutions. Participants gained not only new knowledge and inspiration but also custom AI strategies for their businesses, complete with workshop materials. This experience bolstered their confidence in Emerline's expertise, as they witnessed our ability to turn ideas into actionable plans — prompting some to start planning further design and development steps with us right away.


Final Thoughts

Reflecting on the feedback and the results, we saw that the AI workshop again proved immensely beneficial for Emerline. It offered the chance to engage with potential clients and provided a deep dive into each participant's unique needs and challenges. Addressing these issues gives our team a fresh perspective on various business products and services, highlighting potential solutions and insights that inform our approach. This win-win initiative not only helps us navigate at the forefront of technological and industry trends but also enhances our understanding of the ever-evolving needs of businesses.

We warmly extend an invitation to our future AI Workshops hosted through the LeverX and Emerline global network of offices in the EU, US, and beyond. And we offer an online participation format for those unable to attend in person. For full program details and materials, to request future event schedules, or to organize a workshop tailored to your organization, please visit our AI Workshop page. Let's build your perfect AI solution together!

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