Internet of Things

Need to rethink your business models? Consider IoT automation to achieve the goal.

Profit from smart automation. Emerline will put you on the right path

Benefits of IoT, which core concept is usage of online access to share information, are numerous. The Internet of Things provides new business opportunities, ensures more efficient processes thanks to real-time insights, and contributes to the safety of systems and equipment.

IoT’s application isn’t limited to particular areas as it serves for industrial, smart city, or healthcare domains equally well.

How IoT impacts key industries

IoT capabilities are actively applied for many areas. The examples below demonstrate how every single industry can reap the rewards of IoT.


IoT helps to deal with plant maintenance and monitoring through gathering data from machines for remote controlling.

Warehouse management

On the way to creating smart warehouses, IoT allows knowing the exact location and current state of any product.


Gaming industry is on the rise thanks to the ability to track and analyze players. This data is then utilized to improve user experience.


Data collected by sensors from IoT devices is a key to getting accurate personalized recommendations related to various wellness activities.

Our experience combined with the IoT capabilities is the driver of customer engagement

The Emerline team of IoT experts uses sensor data recognition, integrates IoT services with video cameras, and creates cloud-based prototypes for one reason: help your business grow.

These are key features of the solutions we have created:

  • Monitoring the consumption of products;
  • Predicting future purchases based on product consumption tracking and analyzing;
  • Preventing system and equipment malfunctions;
  • Tracking the current state and maintenance days of the device based on its operating time.

Take a look at Emerline principal directions, platforms, and technologies used for successful project delivery

The selection of IoT-related tools we involve in our projects depends on the character of the solution we work on.



Platforms and SDKs

AWS IoTSAP LeonardoAmazon IoTAzure IoTGoogle Cloud platform

Emerline specialists offer various IoT development services to give your company a disruptive IoT solution

Here are three IoT-related pillars we are experienced in:

Hardware prototyping

Cloud integration

Selection of right microcontrollers to be embedded in other devices

Anyway, consulting comes first. It’s time when we get your business requirements to an IoT product, project them onto your specific domain, and discuss your future IoT solution. Do you have any questions? We are always at your disposal!

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