Health Diary for Keeping Your Furry Friend Fit. GoDog Gets Major Update

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    Missed your pup’s vaccination for a week? Late for a visit to the vet, and now your dog’s health is at risk? Forget about all these nightmares — Emerline’s GoDog app is ready with a new major update born to store and manage your pet’s health information. 

    Not a month without a new lesson — experienced GoDog users and their four-legged friends never get bored, as our team regularly adds fresh-baked commands provided by a professional dog handler. 

    Those who are new to the app tend to be delighted by a great number of lessons. All are vital — a concept of our mobile training guide is choosing only those commands that really help to raise a well-behaved dog. 

    They say, practice makes perfect. It's a brutal truth, and we strongly advise all dog owners to follow the rule. Concurrently, we strengthen our step-by-step lessons by concise theoretical materials also produced in a strong collaboration with the in-house dog handler. Training markers, ways to motivate your pet, secrets of successful dog training, and other inspirational posts are available for reading in GoDog. 

    Alongside with the current functions being updated on a daily basis, our product team conducts Design Thinking sessions devoted to the GoDog possible enhancements, thoroughly investigates the users’ feedback, prioritizes key ways of its development, and puts the users’ expectations into practice. 

    As the reviews on the App Store and Google Play were unanimous in their suggestions to include a dog health-related tracker into the app’s pool of functions, as well as the comments from the participants of Emerline’s Design Thinking sessions, our product development team took on the task to cover all crucial aspects of dog care. What’s more, a desire of the app’s users to get full control of their pets’ visits to the vet, treatments, and vaccination days coincided with the GoDog development strategy.

    Our mission is to give dog owners an all-round guide for raising a well-behaved, happy, and healthy pet. So we are striving to cover all aspects for creating a great relationship with your dog. 


    How to eliminate all signs of bad manners in the dog? A must-learn set of commands is here for you. Easy to grasp, it’ll enable your 24/7 comfortable stay together with the pet wherever you are. 

    Pet’s hyperactivity will no longer be an issue — GoDog’s walking tracker will calculate the right walking duration and suggest preferred types of activity for each breed. 

    Take all measures to prevent tick bites, never delay regular vaccinations, and do not underestimate timely visits to a vet to provide a dog with prompt medical assistance — a new Health Diary feature is glad to check out whether everything is alright with your pet’s health.

    So What Is GoDog’s Health Diary About?

    Friendly Vaccine and Vet Visit Reminder

    Regardless of how busy your pet schedule is, Health Diary won’t allow you to miss a single date. All reminders about upcoming events are kept in one place, and you always get on-time alerts when vaccinations, vet visits, pills, or any other medical manipulations are needed.

    Digital Health Record 

    In Health Diary, you’ll keep a dog’s medical history, and this is super convenient, as there is no need to look through tons of paper prescriptions or make vain efforts to recollect a day of the last vaccination against worms. 

    After analyzing the info, there will be no trouble to schedule the date of another treatment or vaccine and activate a reminder for the event. 

    Dog Health Articles 

    Canine healthcare issues and tips are available, so that you can educate yourself on proper pet care and possible dog health problems (the ways to meet all the challenges are included). The content will also give you practical advice on when —  and how often — to vaccinate your pet.

    There is more for your pets to come soon

    For sure, the GoDog product development team isn’t going to stop pleasing the app’s users with big updates. Visiting a dog grooming salon with your furry friend? Pretty soon, the app will track all dog’s beauty procedures, too. Well, enough with spoilers! If you are not in the club yet, join the GoDog community, either Android or iOS, and reap the benefits of the app!

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