AI Solutions for Recruiting: The Best Tools in 2024

Would you consider a solution that could save you up to 30% per hire? Modern AI recruitment tools offer that and much more. As the AI revolution progresses across various sectors, its impact on Human Resources has been particularly significant, streamlining and automating the processes of finding, screening, and onboarding talent. These tools not only enhance the quality of decisions made by HR departments through comprehensive analytics but also alleviate tedious tasks such as writing job descriptions and scheduling interviews. This enables you to channel the time and effort of your specialists into more impactful activities, such as developing innovative recruitment strategies and enhancing employee engagement programs.

In this article, we have gathered the most popular AI recruiting tools, providing an insightful overview and comparison, to allow you to select the best tools to leverage the benefits of AI in your hiring process. From candidate sourcing and interviewing to copywriting, these tools have gained popularity for enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and helping attract top talent in a competitive market.

Tools for candidate sourcing

Would you consider a solution that can save up to 30% per hire? Modern AI recruitment tools are capable of that and more, aiding and streamlining various aspects of the recruiting process.

In this article you will find an overview and comparison of top AI recruiting tools that will put you at the edge of modern hiring practices.

1. Arya

Arya home page

Arya stands out as a robust AI-powered sourcing tool, allowing recruiters to tap into more than 50 professional social channels simultaneously. By leveraging the skills outlined in your job description, Arya generates a shortlist of qualified candidates. The tool goes beyond sourcing by providing predictive analytics and data-driven insights to streamline the hiring process. Arya's unified dashboard consolidates tasks and recruiter activities, fostering improved talent pipelines.

Cost: Arya offers a free demo and flexible pricing, with Arya Pulse suitable for low-volume or infrequent hiring ( $599 per hire) and Arya Quantum designed for high-volume or regular hiring requiring a subscription.

2. HireEZ (formerly Hiretual)

HireEZ home page

HireEZ employs AI-powered search filters to enable hiring teams to discover exceptional talent. Recognized for sourcing job seekers based on various criteria, including job titles, diversity, and industry expertise, HireEZ excels in finding qualified leads. The tool seamlessly integrates with popular applicant tracking systems and recruitment platforms, ensuring up-to-date and centralized candidate information from over 45 open web platforms.

Cost: Starts at $149 per month with pricing based on included features. A free trial is also available.

3. Fetcher

Fetcher home page

Fetcher, a comprehensive AI-powered recruiting automation platform, streamlines top-of-funnel hiring tasks. Using machine learning, Fetcher identifies relevant candidates, initiates contact via text or email, and delivers curated candidate batches. The platform's web extension facilitates one-click usage, optimizing the sourcing process. Fetcher's analytics provide demographic and gender breakdowns of candidates, enhancing the identification and engagement with quality candidates.

Cost: Not publicly available. Demo upon request.

Tools for candidate screening

4. home page

Arc's AI recruiter, HireAI, utilizes OpenAI's GPT-4 technology to automate such tasks as resume screening and outreach. By uploading job descriptions, companies receive a refined shortlist of candidates, improving accuracy with each match. Automating tasks like writing job descriptions and candidate screening, HireAI enhances efficiency, allowing recruiters to concentrate on strategic recruitment activities.

Cost: For full-time hiring, there's the HireAI Lite plan for $399 per job per month, or the HireAI Premium plan with a custom fee per hire.

5. Beamery

Beamery's AI-powered hiring platform focuses on identifying and screening top talent based on future skills. Known for using advanced algorithms, Beamery screens job seekers based on skills and potential rather than relying solely on past experience. The platform's predictive analytics and natural language processing tools provide data-driven inclusion guidance and diversity insights, making it a powerful tool for building a future-ready workforce.

Cost: Not publicly available.

6. Humanly

Humanly, an AI-powered recruiting solution and conversational hiring platform, employs natural language processing to engage with job applicants during the screening process. By automating tasks such as screening, scheduling, and reference checking, Humanly saves recruiters up to 60 hours per open position. Humanly focuses on soft skills, conducting screenings with role-specific conversational templates to ensure a comprehensive view of candidates without introducing bias.

Cost: Not publicly available. Free demo upon request.

7. Pomato

Pomato, a talent intelligence platform, excels in resume parsing with 200,000 computations per second. It scans documents, extracting relevant information for hiring managers and ranking candidates based on specified requirements. Offering skills tests and tailored interview questions, Pomato provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining the recruitment process.

Cost: Not publicly available. Free trial version and demo upon request.

Tools for copywriting

8. Textio

Textio enhances job descriptions using natural language processing and text analytics to attract the best candidates. By analyzing language, this ai recruiting solution ensures that job descriptions are written in a way that appeals to diverse and highly qualified candidates. Although not an active sourcing tool, Textio significantly improves the candidate experience by optimizing language and promoting inclusivity. With products like Textio Hire, Textio Flow, and Textio Coach, the platform addresses bias across the entire talent lifecycle.

Cost: Not publicly available.

Tools for interviewing

9. Metaview

Metaview, an AI-driven solution, streamlines the interview process by automating note-taking. Integrating seamlessly with video conferencing platforms, Metaview allows users to design templates for note structure. The platform refines note-taking capabilities based on user feedback and data inputs, reducing biases that may arise during interviews.

Cost: $20 per user per month for an annual subscription or $26 monthly.

10. MyInterview

MyInterview home page

MyInterview specializes in using AI systems for video interviews, assessing soft skills, personality traits, and relevant keywords. Candidates participate in one-way video interviews, and the platform's AI analyzes videos to reduce unconscious bias in the hiring process. While focusing on soft skills, myInterview aims to save time in the recruiting process.

Cost: Free to $279+ per month.

11. Talocity

Talocity provides an assessment platform with a focus on one-way video interviews. Offering custom pre-employment assessments and utilizing machine learning, AI, and assessment methodologies, Talocity analyzes communication data, tonality, emotions, and sentiments displayed by job seekers. While providing time-saving benefits, it's crucial to thoroughly investigate Talocity's approach to avoid potential biases.

Cost: Not publicly available.

To Conclude

From screening candidates with AI-driven interviews to optimizing recruitment communication through tools like ChatGPT, the functionalities of modern AI solutions for recruitment are diverse and impactful. These tools not only enhance efficiency, speed, and candidate experience but also contribute to improved data insights, reduced biases, and streamlined compliance. By selecting the right tools or hiring a dedicated development team to design custom solution organizations can leverage AI to revolutionize their recruitment strategies and build diverse, talented, and future-ready teams.

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