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A desk-booking tool and inter-corporate solution for storing and managing employee data in one place. It allows companies with 1000+ employees to take full advantage of the hybrid work model and is friendly in use to both employees and HR managers.



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With the company's growth, it became difficult for employees to collaborate due to the banal lack of basic information about their colleagues. HR professionals were overwhelmed with questions about the number of vacation days available for each employee. The introduction of a hybrid working model led to the situation when office spaces are occupied on paper but actually remain empty.


The product comprises three components, each covering a bunch of business processes. These are Address Book, Leave Request, and Desk Booking.


The Emerline team was challenged to create an employee management system with a highly intuitive interface so that personnel with no technical background, such as HR managers, could easily use it.

Another challenge was integrating a leave management system and correctly setting up the number of remaining vacation days for employees who have worked at a company for many years. This required a long and complex process of loading historical data into the system.

A hybrid working model resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak and isolation measures set the ground for 2 more challenges:

  • Comply with requirements for staff members to maintain a safe distance from one another while working.
  • Improve space management to save money on unneeded rentals.

Product Description

The product comprises three components, each covering a bunch of business processes. These are Address Book, Leave Request, and Desk Booking.

Address Book

For employees, the Address Book is a simple way to find information about colleagues. For the HR team, the Address Book is a source of truth about the company employees and their profile details. All the details can be managed in the employee profile when needed. Address Book is also a database for generating multiple reports such as on hired and dismissed employees, company growth reports, etc.

Leave Request

The system tracks the actual number of available vacation days and allows the creation of different types of leave requests with an individual approval process for each request type. Types of requests include vacation, sick leave, own expense leave, and remote work.

The system calculates vacation days automatically, always providing an employee with relevant information on the number of days available. It’s important to note that when calculating vacation days, the system also recognizes and accounts for regional specifics.

This module also automates the requests for remote work and relocation requests from employees and allows building comprehensive reports about the actual number of employees across the company's locations.

Integration with Jira pulls relationships between project leads and employees into the system, ensuring that the project lead is always included in the approval chain of leave requests sent by teammates and can plan the load accordingly.

The system also features a relocation request option. Such requests also go through the approval chain and include an administrative staff support chain. When needed, managers can see the reports on geographic team distribution.

Desk Booking

The Desk Booking module visually represents each room in the office and allows employees to book spots with a few clicks.

Office managers can see the actual load of the office spaces, check the utilization reports, and make decisions about extending or reducing the number of working spaces on time.


The system developed by Emerline has covered all the pains the company faced. Currently, the solution is offered to companies with 1000+ people, those looking for more intelligent and cost-saving space management, smooth and welcoming onboarding processes, and improved collaborative work. Here are some of the solution's highlights:

  • There are 10+ reports/charts for administrative roles, which help companies to make smarter, data-based decisions.
  • 7 different leave requests with individual logic for each allow keeping updated on the current status, availability, and location of each employee.
  • Advanced search options allow finding teammates' contact information in a few clicks.
  • 3D floor plans make booking more intuitive, faster, and more manageable.
  • Various booking opportunities contribute to better collaboration and more efficient work in teams.
  • Web and mobile apps allow employees to use the system on the fly and better plan their working hours.

Because at Emerline, the developed solution is integrated with other systems used within the company, it perfectly serves as an essential and natural element of the overall IT infrastructure. The developed employee management system is actively utilized by the company, proving a high level of usability and beneficial potential for end users.

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