Women’s Health App Development: ideas for 2024

Women’s Health App Development: Statistics, Growth Areas, and App Ideas

The FemTech industry, specializing in products, services, and technology solutions focusing on women's health, has experienced impressive growth in recent years. According to Grand View Research, the global market size of women's health apps was $3.2 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 19,6% from 2023 to 2030. 

Incredible business opportunities are available within this ever-expanding health-monitoring app sector, and we want to share our vision of how to get the most out of them. At Emerline, we believe combining appropriate technology with a good understanding of the target audience is the key to creating a valuable, demanded, and profitable solution. This article aims to help you comprehend the business possibilities of women's health apps and offer you app ideas that can be straightforward to put into effect.

Some Insights Into the FemTech Market

Over the past few years, due to the positive movement empowering women, advancements in digitalization, and the progression of personalized healthcare, formerly stigmatized subjects are now a typical element of everyday dialogue. Social media has provided women a platform to voice their stories and birthed the development of FemTech businesses. According to the FemTech Analytics report of 2022, from 2015 onward, more than one hundred such firms have been established yearly - a faster rate than ever before.

These businesses offer women various solutions to aid their healthcare and general well-being, including medical devices, customer goods, medication, vitamins and supplements, hardware, software, mobile applications, and wearable tech. In 2022, the majority (52.8%) of FemTech businesses were focused on customer items, devices, apps, and software, with the US, UK, India, Israel, and Canada leading the global FemTech market in the number of companies. 

FemTech brings together everything concerning women's health under one umbrella term, so it comprises a wide range of sub-sectors. According to the previously mentioned FemTech Analytics report, as of 2022, most FemTech businesses are in the areas of pregnancy & nursing, followed by menstrual health, and reproductive health & contraception.

The growth of these sectors is skyrocketing, and if you consider the development of women's health apps, it's an ideal opportunity to make your mark in any specialty. You can select one of the highly sought-after subsectors to bring to life a fertility, pregnancy, menopause, or period-tracking solution, or choose a less congested area, such as longevity or mental health, to increase your chances to win the niche and add to your brand recognition.

Reasons to Invest in a Women’s Health App Today

Women's health apps are gaining widespread popularity for several reasons, including the surge of chronic illnesses and gynecological issues experienced by females, the growing adoption of mHealth monitoring and tracking technologies, the female focus on reproductive health and sexual autonomy, and so on. So, should you invest in developing a women's health app? The FemTech industry presently provides many reasons to do so.

FemTech is a growing market.

FemTech is comparatively new. Nevertheless, women's health apps have quickly become in demand, as they offer many features and advantages that have proven invaluable to users. Developers and medical professionals are just beginning to realize the possibilities these applications offer, which makes FemTech a fantastic area to enter if you're searching for an industry niche of opportunities and rapid growth.

Women's health apps are needed.

Statista reported that 40% of women in the UK felt that healthcare providers did not understand their lives and experiences. Additionally, more than a third experienced difficulty due to a lack of knowledge about women's bodies. Consequently, these women seek viable solutions, and a women's health app can be a suitable answer for economical, prompt, and, most importantly, individualized care.

Vast opportunities in niche targeting.

A survey conducted among women in the UK revealed that 39% wanted more dedicated healthcare services. This allows FemTech companies to concentrate on a niche segment, unlocking various possibilities for improving applications used to monitor female health and creating specialized features that suit their distinct needs.

Good chances to take a worthy place in the market.

Women's needs in such subsectors of FemTech as longevity, mental health, and menopause care have not been met adequately. This presents an excellent opportunity for companies to enter the market with a robust solution and make their mark. 


Community support aids your business success.

Women's health apps provide a space for comfort, breaking down barriers between female patients and healthcare professionals. In 2021, a study revealed that over a third of women surveyed in England found it difficult to discuss mental health conditions with a healthcare provider, while roughly a fifth struggled with topics such as endometriosis and cancers. Through health apps specifically designed for women, businesses can gain access to a supportive community, which allows them to make a more significant profit and have a more extensive outreach.

Women are the audience you've always wanted.

A study determined that women in the UK used their smartphones to browse social media for 4.8 billion more minutes than men, amounting to 5.5 extra hours a day per female smartphone user. Females also devoted more time to retail websites, pictures, books, health sites, and messaging services. It follows that launching an application specifically targeting women can help businesses maximize their earnings.

Women’s Health Apps Ideas for 2024 That You Can Bring to Life With Emerline

Now, we want to present three application concepts that can aid your organization in entering and prospering in the modern FemTech market. We will also share pieces of our experience to demonstrate our capacity to bring each of these ideas to life upon your request. 

Mood tracker app for women

The app idea: This app would allow women to track and evaluate their moods throughout the day and cycle. Users could record their emotions and any potential causes or triggers for those emotions. An algorithm-based system would detect patterns in mood shifts across the menstrual cycle, generating a thorough overview of mood variations and displaying it through dynamic visualizations. Additionally, this app could come with a planner to help women organize their activities and tasks according to their menstrual cycle. To make this experience more personalized, the app could offer individualized advice and modifications, such as changes to physical activity or self-care.

Why choose us for its implementation? At Emerline, we had the chance to craft a Migraine Prevention App which operates on similar principles. Also, our team has developed an advanced app for menopause management. As such, we'd like to use our experience to design a women's health app focused on mood tracking for your business.

Mobile marketplace for mothers

The app idea: The mother's marketplace app would offer an all-in-one solution for moms looking for convenient and affordable parenting and childcare products and services. With a user-friendly interface, this app would provide a comprehensive range of products and services curated explicitly for mothers, including baby gear, educational resources, health and wellness products, and professional services such as lactation consultants and pediatricians. The app would also provide a community platform where mothers could connect, share advice, and receive support throughout their parenting journey. Users could easily search for products and services by category, price range, and other relevant criteria while saving their favorite items, tracking their orders, and negotiating a price with the provider. With a hassle-free shopping experience, this app would be designed to meet all the needs of mothers and their children.

Why choose us for its implementation? Utilizing our expertise in mobile solutions with machine learning algorithms and a proven history of marketplace implementation in the area of professional services, we can create a user-friendly and feature-rich FemTech app to propel your business forward.

Uber-like App for OB-GYN Care 

The app idea: With this app, women could search for and book appointments with OB-GYN doctors and specialists near them, just like how one would book a ride with an Uber driver. Available OB-GYN provider profiles can be viewed, with their education, specialties, and previous patient reviews specified. Once a user finds the right doctor, they can book an appointment directly through the app. Women could also receive real-time updates regarding their appointment status: view the expected waiting time and receive notifications once the doctor is ready to meet with them. Furthermore, a rating system can be implemented so a woman can evaluate her experience and leave feedback for others. This can help patients to receive satisfying care and give healthcare providers an idea of what to improve.

Why choose us for its implementation? Our previous experience with an Uber-like app development for doctors enables us to apply this loved by-end-users scheme to any application confidently, especially for the healthcare industry.

The FemTech industry provides plenty of opportunities for businesses to thrive. Whether you have in mind a personal medical record system that allows women to store health-related information, an app to support women facing cancer, endometriosis, POCS, or other diseases, a feminine hygiene app, or a child development tracker, our team is eager to bring your ideas to life. Don't hesitate to reach out — let's discuss your project ideas!

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