What Are the Latest Web Development Trends of 2024 and Beyond?

Table of contents

  • Top Web Development Trends 2024

  • 1. Artificial Intelligence (Including Chatbots)

  • 2. Blockchain

  • 3. AR/VR

  • 4. Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs

  • 5. Single-Page Applications, or SPAs

  • 6. Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs

  • 7. Motion UI

  • 8. Responsive Design

  • 9. Push Notifications

  • 10. Cybersecurity

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The numbers speak for themselves: currently, there are over 1.5 billion websites (more than 1.8 billion, to be precise). New websites are being created every single second, according to internetlivestats.com. However, there are only around 200 million active websites.

These numerical benchmarks continue to change as well as web development trends and tech do. With the shifting accents and new tech players, businesses should always keep the finger on the pulse of the latest web development trends, technologies, and approaches in order to take advantage of the new opportunities on offer.

On the other hand, being well-informed on the current trends is equally important for web developers if they attempt to deliver both quality and relevant software products.

So what are the web development trends 2024 that will evolve in the upcoming year as well? Emerline is ready to introduce you the key current trends in web development

Top Web Development Trends 2024

1. Artificial Intelligence (Including Chatbots)

Artificial Intelligence (Including Chatbots)

AI and bots are among the central trends in web development 2024. That’s not surprising — the demand for automated communication has significantly risen this year. So the popularity of AI chatbots and virtual assistant applications is increasing. Among the practical cases are vacuuming robots and bots of Netflix or TechCrunch aimed to provide movie suggestions or news updates based on the thorough analysis of human behavior and all the preceding interactions, to name just a few.

While AI solutions are gradually replacing human intelligence, AI bots are capable of eliminating a great number of customer service professionals, which will definitely cut business costs.

2. Blockchain

Why is Blockchain included in the list of the fastest-growing web programming trends? First, it’s about a high level of security. As there are no intermediaries between transactions, each transaction is verified. This results in numerous benefits besides the secure transactions, among which are the improved cash flow, website interactivity, cutting down financial business costs, fewer transaction contracts, etc.

So if your business needs a full security of data, it’s a sound decision to involve Blockchain in the web project.

3. AR/VR

Augmented and virtual realities have rapidly increased in popularity over the past few years.

One of the industry scenarios where AR/VR enhance user experience, thus turning user stories into successful business cases, is e-commerce.

Augmented and virtual realities are definitely among the most popular new technologies in web designing, acting as smart tools that assist potential consumers in selecting the best matching product.

Creating virtual showrooms can hardly go without VR, and virtual fashion sessions seem visually appealing, while saving the buyers’ time.

4. Progressive Web Applications, or PWAs

According to Wikipedia, a progressive web application, or PWA, is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The progressive web app concept is not new, still PWA remains one of the most popular web programming trends. Apple, Google, and Microsoft bank on its efficiency, while Forbes and Twitter experience the real PWA’s benefits, like increasing the number of impressions and decreasing the bounce rate.

The key benefit of PWAs is their efficiency. As per Google's report, 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if it takes more than three seconds for them to load. PWS are constantly accessible and let its users get the full app experience without sacrificing its convenience and quality.

5. Single-Page Applications, or SPAs

Another trending technology for web development that is particularly attractive for developers thanks to its high performance is a single-page application, or SPA. Based on JavaScript, SPAs do not need page reloading while utilizing and provide users a comfortable web space with the clearly arranged content.

Easy to develop and nice to use — single-page applications are fast and responsive. Their users appreciate a simple, linear UX and convenient scrolling.

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs

AMP is an open-source library created by Google with the aim to streamline website, web app, or web page creation and reduce their loading time. The AMP’s quick loading speed provides high positions of the websites built with the help of this framework on SERP (Search engine result pages).

AMP remains the trending technology for web development for a number of its pros, including better mobile search rankings, impressive loading speed, higher level of audience engagement, and utmost user satisfaction.


7. Motion UI

Let’s come closer to user interfaces and the latest technologies used in web designing. Motion UI is a Sass library for the fast creation of CSS transitions and animations. Put it simply, Motion UI provides multiple predefined motions that can be used for website designs.

It’s an easy way to mix fun and real value by using base and background animations, colorful hovers, animated diagrams, catchy CTAs, and other elements as the tools to attract the user’s attention and contribute to the more effective web surfing experience.

If done right, Motion UI websites hold the users’ interest and promote better interactions between businesses and their customers.

8. Responsive Design

When talking about single-page applications, we’ve already mentioned responsiveness among their strengths. Now it’s time to explore this concept in detail.

The simpler, the better — today’s businesses feel the direct correlation between their website’s ease-of-use and the number of loyal customers. Responsive design plays an important role in achieving the overall convenience of the website usage — it implies flexible navigation across all devices and screen resolutions.

If the website users face minimum resizing or scrolling, it favors their positive experience and also increases the ranking positions of the website.

9. Push Notifications

Initially designed as the way to inform users about the recent news and events, push notifications have quickly become a meaningful tool to drive conversions. This type of pop-app messages is targeted at holding the users’ attention and enabling higher retention rates.

Being cost-effective and affordable for all businesses, either small, middle-sized, or large, push notifications are actively utilized by the companies that strive to give their website users more interactive experience.

10. Cybersecurity

The recent trends in web development can’t go without security. As the remote work culture is a hot-button topic in 2023, more and more organizations try to achieve utmost protection of their data on their way to becoming digital enterprises.

The above-mentioned blockchain technology hits number one in the list of custom web app development innovations, as its distributed nature provides more security and makes it difficult for hackers to break into the systems.

How Can Emerline Be Helpful?

Above you can see the top web development trends 2023. It’s a current state of web development trends and issues, but the picture is constantly changing. Emerline is carefully searching for all new web technologies and always ready to share the new concepts in web development with you.

Another question is, “How can my business leverage any of the web development trends and make the most out of the latest technologies?” Here we are to give you a comprehensive answer. Feel free to contact the Emerline’s team of experts, tell us about your business specifics, and we’ll consult you on the trends that will lead your business to positive transformations.

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