Digest #3: Lucky Number, Lucky Updates

Emerline is ready with another piece of tech news for you. What’s trending now and how do technological advances react to challenging situations? Our third digest will keep you updated.

World of Trends

The thinnest tablet ever went live — enjoy e-ink and paper-like displays for creating notes and sketches? If so, you’ll definitely adore the reMarkable 2 next-gen e-paper tablet. Besides being elegant and stylish, it has a much faster processor and longer battery life than its predecessor. Nice proof that a ‘sequel’ can be better.

Your acquisitive mind has been always wondering about the constituents of the universe, right? VR is incredible in its interactive powers today — viewing the universe in a different light, first at cosmic scale, then moving to the atomic level and exploring microparts of various shapes becomes easy. The project is based on science and focused on the extreme authenticity. No magic, tech only. 

Mobile Stories

A keyless office entry startup Proxy had stood for avoiding dirty key cards before it became a mainstream. It’s enough for the employees to install the app aware of their identity on their phones, and they will be free to open the doors without even taking their phones out of the pockets. Smart access is created for smart offices.

Grocery delivery apps are on the rise and experience the record number of downloads. Guess why? The reason is not far to seek. Each new day brings another record for the apps like Walmart Grocery, Shipt, Instacart, and so on. This tendency is not limited to the US only and affects the other continents as well. Quite a promising idea for a startup and mobile app development, but the main point is the speed of realization, as we all hope for the short-term boom.

In the Cloud

Google Cloud will accompany Lloyds Banking Group, a significant player in the financial arena, on their way to digital transformation. The bank is planning to deploy innovative Google Cloud Services directed to revolutionizing customer experience. The next generation of financial services is growing strong.

Cloud computing has turned out to be a protective measure during the virus outbreak. Work-from-home opportunities, online collaboration tools, and tools for maintaining good communication outside of the office, or even online stores are accessible thanks to the cloud. If your business adopts using cloud services, it is protected from significant losses.

Startup Arena

What if we didn’t get rid of old laptops or phones, but tried to renew them in order to provide friendlier environment? That is the philosophy of the Refurbed startup that deals with refurbish devices. Broadly speaking, these guys are striving to enhance the ways of good consumption, while ensuring proper quality. Don’t rush to throw out your old tablet — it may find a new life!

UI/UX Vibes

Is there a correlation between colors and website conversion? How to increase conversion with the help of right color spectrum? What should the websites targeted at men look like? Which color will be the best for backgrounds? Surely, the answers represent nothing more than polite recommendations. Still, they have potential.

Software Testing & QA Updates

Is it possible to achieve 90%+ test automation rates? The answer is positive in case a right tool is involved. The new testing support platform named Tricentis Tosca supports the whole cycle of a continuous testing process, suggests the most effective test cases, and determines the risk contribution of each.  

DevOps Insights

There are many potential threats that could be found out and prevented while examining audit logs. Detecting breaches by monitoring K8c audit logs will help to leverage them for risk catching. Provided that security teams choose the right approach to Kubernetes, they can protect the deployments from danger.

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