Digest #1. Chasing Tech News

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    The Emerline’s IT digest goes live. Our team is not boiling the ocean — only hot facts and updates related to the core services we are experts in.

    World of Trends

    It finally happened: AI has excelled humans at the breast cancer detection. Whatever progressive the hospitals are, Google’s artificial intelligence tech has turned out to be more accurate than doctors. Let’s look forward to a growing number of the efficient AI-based screening programs and find the full version of optimistic predictions here.

    Autonomous vehicles are constantly on the go — LiDAR sensors applied by Bosch help self-driving cars understand everything that happens nearby and navigate with utmost safety. AI came into the picture here to enable object detection and categorization. Not only for that reason, actually — artificial intelligence handles the issue of partially obscured or moving vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians once and forever.

    Mobile Stories

    It’s impossible to avoid predictions at the beginning of 2020. Well, what about looking at the phones in the coming year? 5G will bring video calls without interruptions (could you ever believe in that?) and speedy downloads of huge files (Netflix shows or movies is no more a dream to watch offline). 200-megapixel cameras will bring about high-quality images, fast charging is becoming faster, foldable devices is no longer a fiction… Here are more features describing how else mobile phones will evolve in 2020.

    There weren’t any surprises that a ‘Games’ category in the mobile app stores was an impressive revenue source on Christmas. This niche is retaining popularity, which is proved by a significant rise in spending compared to Christmas 2018. Which game was a ‘sales hit’ on Christmas day? Of course, gamers can’t live without battles and action. We are enough with spoilers, simply giving you the answer.

    In the Cloud

    Time to consolidate: Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks became partners to enhance security. The companies have ambitious plans for the first half of 2020 — they intend to launch a new multi-cloud security framework and threat intelligence integration. This two-heads-are-better-than-one approach has all chances to attract more enterprise customers.

    Environmental issues affect IT — it’s not enough to store the data in the cloud today. How to choose the greenest way to do that? Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure cloud providers contest the title of The Greenest Cloud. Three metrics, the efficiency of a data center’s infrastructure, the efficiency of its servers, and the source of its electricity, are evaluated. Who won? WIRED gave its grades after the careful examination of the corporates’ missions and methods directed to the elimination of the environmental impact.

    Startup Arena

    And what for record, the future of robot vacuum cleaners is now. The Trifo startup has raised $15 million in a series B round and goes on improving Lucy, the first robot vacuum on the market able to identify and divide rooms automatically thanks to embedded cameras. The robot’s knowledge isn’t limited to the apartment space — Lucy also recognizes pets and family members. That’s the true power of machine learning algorithms utilized for making household duties a piece of cake.

    Another piece of startup news reveals a common pain of adult gamers. No worries, the solution has already been found by Lowkey.gg that couldn’t remain indifferent to the busy gamers’ need of a speedy search for worthy rivals. The startup provides a tournament platform to individuals/corporate teams, so that they can get the most out of the gaming experience. 18+ and a full-time job are the two essential requirements.

    UI/UX Vibes

    In the ocean of design trends, neumorphism takes up a controversial position. Will it work or fail to become a popular design style? ‘Seeing is believing’ is probably the number one design motto, so it’s up to you to look at the pics and decide whether neumorphism will survive in the UI world.

    Software Testing & QA Updates

    AI and ML technologies conquer testing horizons — advanced mathematics and computer science techniques are used for the creation of autonomous systems, whose aim is automated capacity management throughout the entire testing process. What’s more, AI is taught to organize tests on its own, without any human intervention.

    DevOps Insights

    It’s time for reporting items.Today’s DevOps surveys highlight the importance of microservices in the existing infrastructure. A general tendency is as follows: if companies want to be competitive, they adopt microservices thus increasing security, development speed, and infrastructure flexibility. Be ready to challenges in utilizing microservice-based applications and remember that they are inevitable during the digital innovation process. 

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