How Robotics is Transforming Industries (5 Real Startup Cases)

Your colleague could be a robot — fun is fun, but more and more businesses nowadays use robotics to enhance their companies. It favors the appearance of new robotic solutions. Robots improve the capacities of diverse industries. What’s going on there? Emerline will show you some positive cases.  


Robots are helping people resist illnesses and minimize human-to-human contacts during infectious disease threats and outbreaks.

The ‘world’s first intelligent personal AI robot’ Temi made by an Israeli company, was enriched with a set of extra features to prevent the spread of diseases. While operating in hospitals, airports, offices, and other public places, Temi now has a thermometer to control the temperature; a plate with trays to deliver meals to people under quarantine (a new feature was made for clinics to let physicians avoid direct contact with patients); and a sink to wash hands before starting a daily routine.

The thermometer also makes sense for the office environment — it’s better to prevent a high temperature than cure an illness afterwards. 


Engineering and construction

AI and robotics are strengthening positions in the construction industry. Scaled Robotics, for instance, promotes the idea of moving from slow and inefficient processes to smart manufacturing, which leads to significant cost savings (no errors — no terrifying sums of money spent to fix them).

Robots monitor the progress of engineering projects, check out the quality, and give recommendations to eliminate the risks of errors.

Automotive service

Sometimes, genius lies in simplicity. Why spend hours performing tasks when robots can enter the service industry and shine there?

An American startup engaged robotic arms to significantly save time and bring efficiency to the tire-changing process. Four tires for 10 minutes? Easy! RoboTire made a powerful robotic arm to contribute to the evolution of the tire change. The automated action is six times faster than manual work. Who knows, maybe, in the near future robots will do it literally on the fly.

Food production

Robots are here, too. Robotics-as-a-Service solutions are gaining popularity in food production. Pizza robot is a thing that can hardly surprise anyone these days. The systems expand a variety of dishes available and combine speed with high quality (sounds incredible, but robots can be oriented towards impeccable cooking).

Picnic is a company that made a system to cover huge volumes of pizza. New foods coming soon!


Whereas many robots are already incorporated in the process of linear movements of products, it is still remaining challenging for machines to conduct unstructured manipulations with the goods. Or not?

Europe sees a strong potential in robots as well — a Polish startup called Nomagic utilized ML and computer vision to empower robots to go beyond simple assembly lines and cover far more tricky warehousing tasks.

The areas for the robot’s application are boundless — Emerline has leveraged their capabilities for a number of projects in various industries. Interested in how to strengthen your business with robotics? Feel free to reach us out for consultation!

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