How to Choose the Right Technology Partner?

Building rapport with a software development company favors the success of your business. The question is, which are key points to make a right decision and find a partner that will outshine competitors?

Follow our handy checklist for creating a successful partnership

Broad spectrum of expertise with a deep dive into each domain

If a software development company is excellent with banking matters and focused on projects for finance mainly, there is a slight chance they will be unrivaled in healthcare. Make sure that a potential tech partner has dealt with various industries and delved into the specifics of every business case.

How to evaluate the proficiency level? A talk with the company’s experts would be a ‘litmus test’ — software development specialists highlight their experience and industry understanding. Businesses, meanwhile, conclude whether they pay much attention to details and ready to constantly improve and expand their competencies in a particular domain.

Flexibility above all

Service needs, desired engagement models, and possible engagement scenarios differ depending on your business. For a fruitful collaboration, you need to select a technology partner that will provide flexibility in terms of these aspects and satisfy (or even exceed) your specifications.

Have ‘an idea on a napkin’ or a product that is already on the market, but there is a room for its improvement? Both options should be supported with ease. 

If only separate tasks require assistance, tech partners will be responsible for certain sections. Need full-cycle software engineering services? They will accompany you during all stages of the delivery process.

When your tech partner says ‘No’, it’s likely to be a good sign

If your technology partner follows your requirements blindly and turns all your controversial ideas into reality, it might not be as positive as it seems on the face of it.

In the end, you risk getting an unmanageable application, portal, or service.

There are cases when our customers collaborated with the companies that acted according to their desires and finally got unstable software solution.

Finding a balance between being customer-focused and minding the scope of your app is a challenge. If your partner is skillful enough to overcome it, you’ll avoid closing the project and rebuilding the solution.

Strategy matters, and a technology partner knows how to choose it right

It is a must to evaluate domain experience and technical expertise of a potential tech partner and make sure they are competent. Still, one more key to achieving your business goals is building a winning project strategy. Right tech partners do this with you.

Based on exploring infrastructure, architecture, technology, integration, security, and privacy aspects, they encourage right strategy decisions and apply the best practices for managing risks.

Customer map – explore it beforehand

While looking for a technology partner, do not underestimate the geography of their clients. The broader the map is, the more versatile experience a software development company has. Business specifics varies from one area to another, so collaboration around the world is an advantage.

The Emerline’s project map covers Europe, North America, and Asia. Our partnership with the companies headquartered in Silicon Valley deserves a special mention — each project is a source of tech findings and foremost software solutions.

Business culture alignment makes collaboration mutually beneficial    

To avoid conflicting cultures, explore communication style and documentation requirements of a potential partner beforehand. You should share a common ground and be led by similar principles. Then, you will be on the same page.

The mix of excellent engineering, creativity, and ability to hear each other drives to huge advancements. That’s why it’s essential to continually master the skill of establishing a right combination of imaginative atmosphere and structured environment.

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