Your Guide on How to Hire the Best Node.js Developers in 2024

Node.js is known to be one of the fastest-growing open-source platforms that suits both frontend and backend web development needs. It is widely used by companies from all across the globe for API development, support for complex IoT devices, chatbot creation, and various collaborative solutions. 

Last year, Node.js was recognized as the 6th most popular technology by Stack Overflow and the survey published this year states that it is one of the most common web technologies used by professional developers and those learning to code. Regardless of the platform's popularity, hiring Node.js developers is still quite challenging because, for sure, they are not all equal. For this reason, we created an ultimate guide highlighting all the aspects to consider when looking for professionals to cover your Node.js development needs. We hope that it will help you make the right pick.

When Do You Need Node.js Developers?

In one of our previous posts, we highlighted some of the popular use cases of Node.js. But here is a full set you can expect from an experienced Node.js developer.

As you can see, Node.js can be applied to a variety of projects, and it’s one of the reasons for its success. But how to make sure that a developer is capable of accomplishing these tasks?

Skills to Look For When Hiring Node.js Developers

Companies looking for Node.js developers must ensure that candidates have the following set of skills.

Knowledge of programming fundamentals

This includes the knowledge of Node.js itself and the V8 engine, as well as experience with JavaScript, TypeScript, and other programming languages.

Hands-on experience with APM tools

Application Performance Monitoring Tools (APM) include ELK Stack, Grafana, and Prometheus. Node.js developers must know how to use them. 

Experience with tools for testing

You want your app to perform smoothly, and testing is the best way to ensure everything works as planned. That's why it’s important to ensure that a developer you interview or hire has experience with such test runners and frameworks as Mocha, Chai, or Ava.

Knowledge of package managers

Knowing the npm default package manager is a must. But you can also look for experience with alternative packages, whether it’sYarn, pnpm, or other. 

Experience in using ORM platforms

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools facilitate mapping between relational databases and objects in projects of all sizes. 

Cloud expertise

Experience with cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, and Netlify complemented by an understanding of databases, analytics, servers, intelligence, and networking, will be a huge benefit. 


Possible Ways to Hire Node.js Developers

If your company needs Node.js developers to cover the needs of your project, there are 4 main options to consider. 

  • Freelance developers
  • In-house developers 
  • Staff augmentation 
  • Dedicated team

Let’s take a look at the key aspects of each model of cooperation. 

Both team augmentation (aka outstaffing) and dedicated team models are outsourced. It implies that a software development company you cooperate with provides you with the resources you need, whether this is a full-packed team or a requested number of specialists to augment your existing one. The cost of the development and resources are negotiated upfront, along with activities of coordination and testing.

If you need more clarity on which model to choose, you are welcome to learn about the pros and cons of each here. But the key difference is that while a dedicated team focuses solely on the project it has been assigned to, and it usually takes up complex, long-term projects, staff augmentation or outstaffing is typically used to fill skill gaps and implies hiring one or several team members that will work on a specific project.

Why Hire Node.js Experts at Emerline

Being a trusted technology partner with over 18 years of experience and 650+ professionals, including 50+ Node.js developers, we at Emerline develop and implement enterprise-scale and startup-ready software solutions that make a difference to our clients and positively affect their business success. One of the proofs for this is that 80% of customers, including those representing Fortune 1000 companies and startups from Silicon Valley, the UK, Switzerland, and the EU, turn to us by recommendation.

And here are some more pros for cooperating with us.

  • We are quick in setting up your Node.js development. Usually, it takes about 3 business days
  • We are flexible in project size and can start working at any stage of your application’s lifecycle, whether as a dedicated team or to augment your existing one.
  • When cooperating with us, you can be sure to receive prompt results. The average time of MVP delivery at Emerline is 2-5 months.
  • Our R&D department has access to the latest innovations even before their official release so that you can be sure of the modernity of the received solutions.
  • Adhering to the Design Thinking methodology, we build Node.js solutions that meet users’ needs and address real-life business challenges.
  • You can be confident in the project as we apply risk and compliance management to all stages of its development.

To better understand how your business can benefit from the Node.js development services we offer, you can take a look at our portfolio. The recently delivered Node.js solutions include a native iPad app for musicians that allows streaming and recording live shows featuring AR objects and an online collaboration tool for boosting a team’s productivity and efficiency.

So if you are looking for Node.js experts to hire at Emerline, please:

Have any questions left? We’ll be happy to help, so feel free to contact us.

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